Friday, November 25, 2005

happy thanksgiving n stuff

so, hopefully you, the beloved nonexistant reader, have had a wonderful thanksgiving, and hopefully, if you were able, you helped others to have a wonderful thanksgiving as well.

i am thankful for alot of stuff (not in any preferential order): porn, family and friends, levi's, bettie page, amoxicillin, jack kerouac, my wife, gibson, 409 all-purpose cleaner, tattoos, converse all stars, mt. rainier, skinny puppy, sex, captain morgan, pepper, mad max, doc martens, my health, the suicide girls (especially fanny) [and a special thanks to my wife for reminding me about this one--damn, she's fucking cool!], argentina, coffee, dickies, sesame street, fender, my kids, ebay, bauhaus, crate amps, joy division, this blog, dumb as it is, cloves, droopy, kirby, william s. burroughs, the exploited, bissel, percocet, tangueray, ridley scott, pizza, mst3k, allen ginsberg, ernie ball, the ramones, star wars, dragon tales, icy hot, piercings, dr. pepper, and the delete button on my computer.

my wife got the flu at the very tail end of her recovery from the tonsilectomy, and was only just feeling better yesterday, so we went to my friend s' house for thanksgiving instead of portland, which was our original plan. but i haven't seen s in a bit, so it was pretty nice to hang out with him.

spent today cleaning the fuck out of the house, which had fallen into a horrible state of disrepair while i was taking care of my family.

and a little later i'm sposed to be jamming with my buds, so that's pretty much it for my thanksgiving holiday. saturday, it's back to having my soul sucked on a regular basis. goody goody. it's ok though, as all the tips i had saved up are blown, and there's more crap on ebay i want.

so for now, i remain ever yours,

darth sardonic


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