Saturday, December 31, 2005

the holidays

man, i've been damn busy over the holidays, between work, the band (we are unofficially-almost-officially calling ourselves the dry hump all stars), and family get-together type things.

so as a result, this little patch of my creativity has taken a backseat. however, rest assured, my droogs and only friends, that my interest in different parts of my creativity goes in cycles, and this blog will be back on top in the not-too-distant future. and i've just been so tired and busy lately that i haven't come up with the usual sarcastic shit that you, o beloved nonexistant reader, have come to know and expect, and therefore i feel that rather than give you some lame, mediocre product to tide you over, it might be better to leave the shelves bare, so to speak.

however, i would like to wish all of you out there the very best of holidays (i realize they're mostly past), and here's to a happy and prosperous new year. i will be working tonight, probably well past the countdown and dropping of the ball, so drink one for me, and kiss one for me, and whatever else you do to thumb your noses at fate or death or whoever for yet another year survived, do one extra for me. and keep me in your thoughts, as i will be barrelling around lakewood, full of shitty drivers at the best of times, while many others toddle around under the influence.

here's to a good new year. here's to the troops coming home for good from iraq. here's to more jobs, better pay, lower prices and interest rates. here's to healthy families. here's to smiles and laughs and dancing and running through fields of flowers and playing tag and acting silly. here's to nakedness. here's to drunken shennannigans. here's to all the things that make us hope for a better day, week, month, year. hope your life is more full of these things than the other shit that seems to occasionally cloud our view to just how lucky we are to have what we have.


darth sardonic


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