Tuesday, March 21, 2006

wisdom or good looks...?

not that that has shite to do with shite, but, hey, since when have i been the kinda fella to write stuff that has anything to do with anything, right?

got home from work, early for once, and lo and behold, my wife is completely sacked out. she's been not feeling well lately, so i guess i'll let her. hanging with my bud e, and reviewing this sad little site that i pretend to maintain, though lately it is more maintenance through neglect. a big apology to those that still keep up with this shitty little corner of cyberspace.

and i don't really have a ton of shit to say today, cept that i am still here, and still think about you, my droogs and only friends, and that my free time has just become swallowed up with other things.

some tidbits of wisdom: (and no, don't fucking ask me for the background stories, they would take too long and i've told em too many times already) 1) do not loan cars with tranny problems to so-called friends, no matter whether they're gonna buy em or not, unless you want to dip into your tattoo fund to pay for impound fees. and 2), if drummers from georgia tell you that yeah, they are good for a part of the rent, and really committed to the band, tell em to sod off.

and on that note kids, i gotta go leave mother hoodlum a note of sympathy and support, and pick my nose.

darth sardonic


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