Monday, April 03, 2006

news from the cold front

live, from wasilla, alaska, between the hot water heater and the furnace:

a brief synopsis of our trip to alaska so far (and you know better, o beloved nonexistant reader, than to ask me for explanations, just make up your own):

got nipple-bit by a stripper named trouble.

drove 8 hours in a white-out in which the sky and the ground were the same color, divided by a small line of hazy bob ross trees, behind a semi truck that i knew was there but couldn't see. i knew i was on the road, but was unsure as to what part of the road exactly i was on. the word you're looking for is "unnerving".

was completely amazed at the amount of energy a three-year-old and a four-year-old can have after an 8-hour drive. the energy they had amplified by the complete exhaustion i felt after having arrived safely in fairbanks.

had forgotten what it is like to wake up to 14 degree weather. mind you, i am not talking about 5 in the morning, i am talking about 930.

a much more relaxing 6 hour trip back, with mostly sunny skies and clear roads.

the tripod still hasn't fallen through the ice yet, in case you care.

as an aside, alaska is the only place where the weather forecast made me crack up: the fact that a dj can say the following line with a straight face is beyond my ability to grasp: "with an expected low today of -55, and a high of -48." why don't they just say, "the low is going to be -48, and the lower is going to be -55"?

i'm sure that alaska will afford me more humorous anecdotes before we get home, but in the meantime, have fun, be good to each other out there, my friend j would tell you to enjoy every moment like it's your last. lucky for her she still gets a few more moments. and, man, i hate ending on a downer, but you know what, life is just like that sometimes.

darth sardonic


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