Friday, April 07, 2006

back in the land of the super mall

so the rest of the vacation to the frozen north pretty much passed without incident.

and now we're back home. i'm having a bit of the downers that seem to follow hard and fast (wow, doing a whole beevis & butt-head thing at those two words, hahaha) upon returning home from a vacation. tired, combined with the sad realization that everything is returning to "normal" and i will soon be back at work and fighting the daily with my kids.

but i did come up with a list of new names for nos. 1 and 2 that i will leave you with by way of making up for other grumpiness.

these are my kids, piss and moan.

oops, sorry, i mean, my kids, push and shove.

err, whine and cry.

haha, how silly of me, weep and wail.

i mean, knees and elbows. (this one after spending a night in the same bed with both of em)

sorry, my kids, yelling and screaming.

dammit, search and destroy.

umm, bait and switch.

that is, my kids, wear and tear.

fuck, crash and burn.

feel free to come up with your own (who am i kidding? you won't and if you do, you won't post em in the comments section. who am i kidding really? no one reads this who doesn't already live in the same house with me.)

darth sardonic


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