Wednesday, June 14, 2006

dancing around the fire

and of course, that title has nothing whatsoever to do with my post. i'm not even sure where it came from, just popped into my head.

so, i drug myself out back by the ear and kicked my own ass, and i promise that i am no longer in a funk. well, until two weeks from now, when it will rear its ugly head yet again. you can almost bank on it.

so i thought i might post a bit again (i know, i know, two in one day. i know. can't fucking believe it either.), and try and leave you with some slightly more positive stuff.

i think, in the past few days, i have watched disney's atlantis about a billion times (said with dr. evil pinky in corner of mouth thing, for dramatic affect), and i want to know why all the animals in the city of atlantis only vaguely resemble any animals that we today know. they have 6-legged lizards, for fuck's sake! did atlantis become darwin's waiting room? shit, all the animals got so sick of boffing each other they decided to step outside their respective species boundaries? come on. fucking lobsters with wings and dogs with giraffe's necks.

i have two toy lightsabers for my boys, and i find it mildly amusing that no. 1 (who, we seem to agree, is the evil genius/mad scientist type) always chooses the blue one, and no. 2 (mild-mannered, clark kent-type) ends up with the red one. just seems wrong.

and yes, val, i like beyond thunderdome because it actually has a bit of a plot. let's face it, the plot of mad max and road warrior can be summed up in one word each: revenge, and gasoline, respectively. i mean, yeah, there's a whole lot more to it, and they pioneered car-chase cinematography, but thunderdome has all that, and does a fair job of filling out the characters and making them feel real and 3-dimensional as well.

today was the boys' last day of school. i have mixed emotions about that. it makes me sad, because they won't be going back to that school in the fall. no. 1 has an adhesive mate in his class that has been his buddy since the first time he got on the school bus. i am also a little sad about the loss of free time in the morning for a few months, but a little excited at the prospect of trying to continue doing school-like activities with them, to keep them in the groove, so to speak. i guess we'll see how that goes.

in closing, i would like us to generate some positive energy, or send prayers to the god/gods of our choice for courtney. think she could use it a bit today.

darth sardonic


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