Wednesday, November 22, 2006

it's all just too much...

man, it's been crazy.

back to work after a week off, mostly sick. thanksgiving coming up. (and a happy one to you and yours, and as always, lets try to remember those who don't find themselves in as luxurious a situation. i'm not saying bring the homeless guy to the house to eat turkey with your family, but he should be able to enjoy his holiday too, and we can help.)

sorry, that is the end of this particular public announcement. back to business.

micheal richards, a comedian i used to love even before seinfeld, did the all-time fucking DUMBEST ever and went off on a heckling audience member who happened to be an african-american, and instead of handling the heckler in traditional style (insulting intelligence, picking on his/her attire), he berated this gentleman for being black.

now, first of all, if you can't handle a heckler, you shouldn't be on stage (i myself have done some stand-up, and mostly choose to ignore the hecklers). if you can't handle people having a conversation during your bit, you shouldn't be on stage. if you are a white man, and you can't make it through your allotted time without stooping to racial or sexist slurs, and other such tripe, you shouldn't be on stage. yes, i have seen plenty of comedians of ethnicity poke fun at white people. it is their right. we have mistreated the various browner residents of the planet for many eons. these same comedians also make fun of their own ethnicity, so it's not just like they are picking on us. and i have seen these same comedians lament that a white comedian isn't allowed to do the same due to the whole PC issue. maybe so, but you know what? that is just the fucking way it is! (please refer back to my line about the white man mistreating the brown man for many centuries--and by white, i mean rich waspy types of european descent who's forefathers landed on shores and subjugated the indigenous peoples of...well, fucking everywhere. and by brown, i mean pretty much everyone else.)

and i know everyone is talking about this. or maybe not, i don't get out as much as i oughtta. but it is sad, extremely sad to see this, and frankly, i think micheal richard's career is over.

and this sorta puts me in the mood, along with the season, to again sorta do my tirade about the "american" way.

the puritans came to america, north america to be exact, and landed on plymouth rock beat the fuck up and damn near dead. if this happened today, we would tell them to fuck off and bomb their motherland.

but the native americans accepted them in, fed them, showed them around, said, "hey, yeah, you guys are more than welcome to hang out here, there is plenty of land. no, we don't care much that you don't look like us or speak our language or even agree with our culture, this land is big enough for both of us to get along."

we followed that up with giving them alcohol, and small pox blankets, raping their women, kidnapping their children, forcing our ideals on them, and stealing their land.

so if, as a result, i am not allowed to use certain words or make certain jokes, i think i can deal with that.

thanks for tagging along,

darth sardonic


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