Tuesday, November 28, 2006

snow day

as we approach the christmas season, i hear alot more commercials for the star registry on the radio. i can't help but think that this is the all-time crappiest gift. an ugly tie? at least i have something physically in my possession to remind me of how much you despise/care for me.

i'd rather receive the cash you would've blown on this gift to waste on whatever stupid thing might cross my fancy at the moment. at least then i would actually have something in my hands.

but the greater bad-idea effects are long-term. cause at some point, if this whole thing is legit, scientists are going to discover shit in the solar systems that bear these names:

"news flash! news flash! scientists have discovered life on a distant planet. here, we see actual hubble images a moon of the fourth planet of the darth sardonic solar system, on which we can actually see residences and other structures. unfortunately, the life we have discovered is neither intelligent, nor motivated, nor even very interesting, really. ..."

we're snowed in today. for the rest of the world that would mean copious amounts of fresh white powder. for western washington, about 3 inches. yeah, we're lame.

so we're going to build ephemeral snow men and have snowball fights that will assuredly end in someone crying and mad.

more news at 11...

darth sardonic


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