Wednesday, December 20, 2006

is he really that daft?

why does our president always look like he is confused? ever address, every press conference, every photo, he looks like he's wondering how the fuck he got there in the first place.

maybe he is wondering who is going to get to turn those crayon drawings into his memoirs.

the news said he has finally said that we are not winning in iraq. what? after the five (or was it six?) stunning victories we had early on, now we're not winning? oh, you're a quick one dubya. the rest of the world has known for quite some time.

then he said he wants the new secretary of defense to work on beefing up the troops, as they are spread thin between the war in afghanistan and the war in iraq. no fucking duh! jesus fucking christ, and who's goddamn fault would that be? oh, garsh, not mine, dubya would say. couldn't possibly be because i launched a prolonged offensive in a country that was basically minding its own fucking business while i was attempting to get the guy who attacked us on our own soil "dead or alive"? nah, that couldn't be it.

maybe he looks confused because he is wondering what we're all going to do when he leaves a huge fucking mess in two seperate countries in the hands of a new president and the people while he retires in style to a ranch in texas.

i just don't know, but i want to vacation in the land in which he lives, sounds like a fun place.

darth sardonic


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