Monday, December 18, 2006

why'd you leave your keys up on the table?

cause you wanted to.

i just wrote this incredibly mean and heavy post, needed to vent my spleen a bit i guess.

when it was done, i felt much better, and decided to trash it. but let me just say this, as a summation of all that was said earlier: if you pride yourself of being blunt, not caring about others' feelings, and "saying it like it is" (which i find really means "saying like it is within the confines of one's own skull"--or, as i used to think about my stepmom, "life is so much easier when everything is black and white."), then you really ought not to be offended, insulted, or hurt when one of your friends says you have no tact. tact is the polar opposite of blunt, not caring about others' feelings, and saying it like it is.

phew, glad to get that out of the way. (and no, the person to which i am referring doesn't, to the best of my knowledge, even know this little desertous waste of the world wide web even exists, so it is most definitely not any of my beloved non-existants.)

we went nearly twelve hours without electricity. western washington got virtually pounded by a windstorm that dropped an incredible amount of debris all over and kept many people in the dark and cold for days. we lit candles, handed out blankets, and played pictionary with friends. oh, and yeah, i drove an insane amount of pizzas to addresses that were hard to find because i couldn't read the numbers on the side of the house. our store was one of two out of the like, twelve in the area that had power, so we had alot of loaners from all the powerless stores. it was fun.

slowly the fallen trees and branches and signs are getting cleaned up and life is already, for the most part, back to normal. no one i know personally was hurt, though a few neighbors' cars were dented by larger falling branches.

no. 1 never did get to see how bob the builder ended, but i am sure he has already forgotten about that.

i am often impressed and awed by mother nature and her power. still believe it is only a matter of time until she wipes completely from the face of the earth.

in the meantime, have fun, talk to you soon, hahahaha.

darth sardonic


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