Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I know I'm not the one you thought you knew back in high school

i have decided that i am the kind of person that moves on when i move on. or kinda. that is to say, when i move away from an area (and i have done a fair bit of that in the course of my adult life) one can bank on the fact that there are friends i am going to completely lose contact with. cause i'm lazy. cause i sorta live in the moment a bit. cause i'm an ass. who knows? i sure don't.

now, that doesn't mean that i wasn't good friends with these people. that i didn't feel close to them. that we didn't share some great times. quite the contrary.

so as you can imagine, o my beloved non-existant readers, my droogs and only friends, my wonderful ptitsas n malchikiwiks, when i have time to think, or when something sparks a memory, i pause to wonder, "whatever happened to so-and-so? what have they been up to?"

this also causes me to wonder, almost immediately thereafter, if that person might also, on occasion, wonder what the fuck ever became of me, and what have i been up to. i usually laugh to myself, and think, what kinda fucked-up shenanigans could i have possibly pulled to leave any kind of imprint on that person's memory?

well, in recent times, due mostly to me joining facebook at dj kirby's request so that i might better pimp out The Unfinished Work (coming soon to a website near you!), i have had a chance to find out.

several people from my school have found me. this is kind of interesting, because sometimes i think, oh my god, no way! followed by, i was a complete dick to them, why on earth would they want to add me on their facebook? (and of course i accepted, for no other reason than that i could send them a message apologizing for being a dickhead!) and sometimes i think, i am going to have to get out the yearbook to figure out who this person is.

here and there i get invites from people who know me from somewhere else (my neighbor recently said, "you got facebook? i'll send ya an invite.") (i have several friends who are also my friends on suicidegirls.) and it is always an interesting sort of experiment to see all these different people from different stages of my life at one place. how many different darth's are there really, that each and every one of these friends probably knows some different aspect of myself. some who have found me lately are, no doubt, disappointed with some of the life choices i have made. well, i am sorry bout that, but the fact of the matter is, i am happy, so sod you.

in the course of the last 13 years (cause it has been that long since we have spoken), i have one friend from my single days at travis afb, jdot rdot, that i have wondered about from time to time.

in those days, i knew a girl who was going to school for audio/visual stuff, and as part of her curriculum, had a half-hour block available to her on the local cable access channel, and access as well to a cornucopia of av equipment.

she and i and another friend, s.b., (who really ought to find me or me him on facebook too, shit) who was a spazz and sarcastic and silly like myself, all wanted to begin a sketch comedy show similar to kids in the hall. we were going to call it "the ward" (a funny play on words, we all met in a single adult "ward," or congregation, at church, but the implication by the title being "psych ward") and we all agreed that we wanted jdot rdot as the straight man in our show.

because jdot rdot was possibly the biggest wiseaker of us all. but his humor was so droll, he could drop the funniest lines without cracking a smile or even blinking an eye.

about two weeks ago, i found myself wondering, out of the blue, wonder whatever became of jdot rdot? and wonder if he ever thinks of me sometimes? c'mon, how dumb is that, it's not like he didn't have a ton of other friends.

a week ago, i get an email, "jdot rdot has requested your friendship..." no way. no fucking way! and there it is, the invite, with a little tagline, in true jdot rdot fashion: "are you THE Darth Sardonic, and not just a cheap Chinese-made knock-off?"

i quickly add him, email him that i am in fact a cheap chinese-made knock-off, and we swap phone numbers for a call that ends up lasting about an hour and easily cliff notes 13 years and sets the stage for an ongoing friendship that is new and living and vibrant, and not enmired completely in the past.

early in the course of that phone call, jdot rdot says to me, "man. i have been trying to find you for a long time."

guess that answers that question.

darth sardonic

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Blogger Fire Byrd said...

Hey I've done that this year with Friend Reunited. I put a pic of myself up and the next day my best friend from when I was 14 got in touch with me. Since then I've been to stay with her and her with me. It has been fantastic to get back in touch. To have someone in my life who 'gets me' from way back. We are also now becoming friends here and now which is great.
Hope you and your buddy get it to work.

11:31 AM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

ty fire byrd, and so far yes, seems to be progressing well

2:15 AM  
Blogger Krissie said...

A friend from PRIMARY school found me through Facebook a few weeks ago and she was also, like, "Are you the one I think you are?" and yeah, Facebook has its good sides. But the goddamn application requests... :D

5:12 AM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

lol krissie, good and bad in everything

12:15 PM  

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