Tuesday, September 14, 2004

do the puyallup!

yesterday was military appreciation day at the western washington fair (known to us locals as "the Puyallup"), which means that my little family was able to enter for free, which is good, considering that we paid six bones for parking, and i-don't-even-wanna-know-how-much for a burger that had more onions than ground cow's-flesh (sorry, mother hoodlum, and any other vegetable-friendly readers out there, but i'm a carnivore) and a couple of scrawny dogs(which probably did not have an ounce of real meat in them). and if you want moronic, flimsy, cheaply-made trinkets, well, boy, you better win the lottery.

it was fun! no. 1, who traditionally does poorly at these things, wanting to run willy-nilly through the crowd unattended, and having throw-down, drag-out tantrums anytime we pull him away from something he was enjoying, actually held our hand, threw minimal screaming fits (and that was toward the end of the evening, and was more cause he was tired), and all around behaved incredibly well. no. 2 fell asleep half-way through our visit.

but they now both have colds, and no. 2 woke up about 5 or 6 times last night, and no. 1 woke up extra early, so i'm beat again.

we've seen the house we'll be moving into later this month, and it has a huge back yard, and i can't wait to have the kids run around and wear themselves out, so they will sleep the sleep of the dead, and so will i.

short today, i know, i know. no, i'm not sick, but i am tired, so we'll blame it on that. 'sides, i can't wax lyrical all the time, right?

darth sardonic


Blogger Mother Hoodlum said...

I'm just backreading, so don't mind my late commenting...
Not a vegetarian anymore, haven't been one since my husband reintroduced me to the loveliness of red meat about three years ago. I'm proud to say I am once again a full fledged carnivore.
The Puyallup, well, can't say I share your enthusiasm for that money pit. I was falling over from sticker shock by the time my wallet was heavily lightened by the $10 parking, $13 entrance fee, and god forbid you want to ride anything, you'd be shelling out damn near $10 per ride. I stuck with popcorn while there, and even that was several dollars more than I anticipated. On the whole, I won't be 'doing the Puyallup' again anytime soon, I have rent to pay!

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