Tuesday, September 07, 2004

on legal speed, the american way...

"i'm sketching/i'm seizing/i'm spazzing/i'm shaking/i can not stop spilling on my brand new shirt/i-i-i'm wired/i'm so inspired/i drank the entire pot/so off to work/here i come to save the day/on legal speed (the american way)"

well, between yesterday and today i have consumed enough caffiene to kill a small elephant, and my mood is GREAT! i love caffiene, in all it's many forms. if i'm having a shitty day, i drink coffee and dr pepper until i'm shaking uncontrollably, and everything will be better.

s's party was fun, and it did a lot to lift my mood. no, no alcohol, but dr pepper in abundance, and s's family is hilarious, plus i was not forced to be in close proximity with nos. 1 and 2 for a little while, which also helped.

not a bunch of time today, as i have to take my chitlins to an appointment in a bit. then i will need to clean the house, as the three-day weekend did a lot to wreck it's state. let's face it, no. 1 can wreck a clean house in about .002 seconds, depending on the square footage and the amount of available toys/flour/applesauce/diaper-rash cream. he is a well-renowned artist in his field. you know what i'm talking about. luckily, we nipped poo-painting in the bud, or he would view that as the most effective (and funnest) method of making that vein in daddy's forehead throb to the breaking point.

speaking of poo, somebody's stinky (and i'm fairly sure it's not me), so i must go. be good to each other out there in nonexistant-readerville.

darth sardonic


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