Sunday, August 21, 2005

a contest for everyone...

adam sandler has a song about them. lately in a commercial for some cell phone, they make a comment about them: lunch ladies.

alright, so i got to thinking, is there no such thing as a hot lunch lady? are they all old, and scary and antisocial?

then i thought, you know, i haven't done some stupid meaningless contest in my blog in a really long time.

so--pics of your hot lunch ladies. extra points if they're naked. (i am a perv after all). hotness to be determined by me, and my guidelines for who's hot are pretty lenient. hotness is not just limited to maxim, bikini-model, porn-star standards.

the prize is to be determined based on whether anybody participates at all (which i doubt), so go out there and find em, o my beloved nonexistant reader!

darth sardonic


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