Sunday, August 28, 2005

playing catch-up on the sardonic homefront

alright, it's been nearly a week since i have written, and a shiteload of stuff has happened. (and i know that using shite in conjunction with "load" is probably an affront to all things gealic, but hey, if i'm not creating my own personal idiom, i'm really not happy).

the greatest and absolutely coolest thing is that no. 1 has begun going pee on the potty. about three times today he informed us that he needed to go, shucked his pants and diaper, and pissed. not much, but still. there have been times when i have been changing a particularly rank shitty diaper and thought that no. 1 would attend college in depends. but not so. and he is quite proud, and so are we, by god!

we have made out like bandits lately at garage sales. some of the incredibly cool shit we have purchased this month alone: a lawnmower for $5. it needs a gas cap, and eventually, i will want to get a bag for it (i hate raking), but otherwise runs like a dream. a papa san chair for $10. we got a surround sound stereo by sony, yes, sony, for $60, and now can pipe our tv through it, and hence, have more volume and such. i got something like 15 star wars action figures for $10, and a large (like a foot-and-a-half long) helicopter for no. 1 (who is insane for anything that flies) for $2.

we're also getting a new computer, because this ole busted joint has about had all it can handle. and when we do, i'm going to be buying a program for recording music and mixing it and all that fancy-schmancy stuff. and my buddy m and i will be collaborating on musical projects, and maybe some free diy cds will be made available right here, in your very own favorite website of all time. (boy, am i a pretentious fucker!)

today is my wife and i's sixth anniversary. we went out for thai food, and picked out a kitten at the pet store. the cat has incorporated herself well into our family, cause she's been hiding since she got home, and she does it so well i can't even find her. she's most likely sleeping, cause the boys gave her so much attention at grammy's house that she's gotta be completely done in. the cat shall heretofore be referred to as: Pepper, the Wonder Cat, and my paduan apprentice. would that make her darth pepper? not sure that really works. maybe we'll just call her pepper.

the real shindiggity doin's for our sixth will come on the ninth, when my wife will get her first tat (a drawing of a cat), and i get my third (the symbol, comprised of my initials stacked one atop the other, that i use to sign my original artwork). after that i will change my name to the artist formerly known as darth sardonic.

and on that note:

the artist formerly known as darth sardonic


Blogger Mother Hoodlum said...

*mamahood does the potty trained dance* that's fucking AWESOME!
As I sit here and look at the huge stock of diapers we just bought, I so envy you.

12:48 PM  

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