Wednesday, September 07, 2005

where is the humanity?

for all our so-called desire to spread freedom and "humanity" throughout the world, we are probably the worst example of a nation based on humanity that there is.

i watch the news in correlation to the hurricane damage in louisiana and mississippi, and i think that we have seriously missed the boat. funny how when five hurricanes pummeled florida, we didn't see them not getting the help they needed? right?

recently, some vigilante in bellingham killed two sex-offenders, and threatened three more's lives. now, i'm not saying that these sex offenders aren't necessarily bad people, but they have a right to live, just like everyone else. it's not for this anonymous person to decide who lives and who dies. this fella is probably related to the zealous christian types who kill abortion doctors. (which brings rise to an interesting question: how can you call yourself "pro-life" and be for the death penalty? how can you call yourself "pro-life" and think that a war of any kind is justified? how can you lobby to keep terry shaivo alive, and turn around and say that we should put murderers in the chair, and bomb the fuck out of the middle east? where do we draw the line? and who gets to make the distinction? and an interesting sidenote: the scripture that these people like to quote in conjunction with the death penalty for violent offenders is "an eye for an eye" do you know where that scripture appears? the old testament. it was an old law. it was a law that christ came to supersede. you know what christ said on the subject? two things come immediately to mind: "turn the other cheek" and "let he who is without sin cast the first stone", after which he told the offender, a harlot, to "go and sin no more". he also said, when asked how many times we should forgive someone who trespasses against us, "70 times 7", so if you take that literally, you should forgive a person of their sins against us 490 times, but christ meant it more like you should always forgive them. you call yourself a christian, start actually living like one!)

recently, i heard someone (ostensibly a ultra-conservative christian) say "they (referring to the liberals) are trying to tear down our way of life" what?!? excuse me? what the fuck are you blathering on about? no one is trying to tear down "your" way of life. no one. no one is breaking into your places of worship and burning your books, or smearing shit all over the walls, or gunning you down as you pray. no one is requiring all christians to register, or denounce their faith, or to be burned at the stake or whipped in the town square. we are simply trying to run a country that was founded on religious freedom like a country that was founded on religious freedom. we are not, i repeat NOT a christian country. nowhere in the constitution ,the preamble, or the bill of rights does it state anywhere that we are a christian nation. and furthermore, the vast majority of my friends are liberals, or more liberal in their thinking than many of these motherfucking dipshits who toss this kind of bollocks around like it is generally accepted common knolwedge, and many of them are christians. many of them are better examples of christianity than these bastards who run around spouting all this prejudiced hatred propaganda like it is scripture. you know what christ would be, were he born today in the us? the son of a teen unwed mother, who was unpatriotic, impoverished, and ultimately killed by capital punishment. ty to the (liberal) ordained baptist minister (and black) on bill maher yesterday for putting it so beautifully into perspective. i read an article recently in GQ in which the author interviewed a few zealous christians who are moving to some burg in south carolina with the intent of getting themselves elected into leadership positions, setting up the laws the way that they want, and, if necessary, secceding from the us of a. is there anything i can do to speed up this process? oh, and convince more crazy christians to join? and can they take w with 'em? i'm sure he'd be thrilled to be dictator-for-life for some zealous crazy-ass miniscule country that founds its laws and principles on the old testament. (i still can't get over why all the "christians" are so hung up on the old testament instead of using the new testament more. actually, i think few of them actually read the bible, they just take everything that their preacher says to heart, and treat it like it's all true, and all pertinent information.

all around me i see hatred, and anger, racism, prejudice, greed. i think it might very well be time for someone to drop the bomb, or some kind of horrible virus, or whatever, because we as a nation at least are getting too big for our britches (as my mom would say), and we need to be brought down a few notches. oh, and i'm in the process of learning korean. so i'm all set.

darth sardonic


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