Saturday, November 12, 2005

i've been slack

"you aint been slack at all." i hear mad max say.

ok, so apparently work sucks my very soul, and i have no residual energy for almost anything, so the blog has suffered a bit. sorry. talk to my managers at work, who are soulless ghouls from the netherworld whose images would not be reflected by polished surfaces.

other than work, what's been going on lately? not a whole lot. no. 2 whines and whines. no. 1 still has too much energy for his own good, though he is much better behaved since the great dairy embargo of '05.

my wife got her tonsils out thursday. i have a few consecutive days off from work. the only catch is that i must take care of my wife. she's doing well, thanks for asking. sore, of course, and sleeping alot (percocet will do that to you), but in good enough spirits to allow some of our friends over to hang out last night. p set up his drums, and as a result, nos. 1 and 2's little minds were blown, and when they get a bit older, i will be forced to buy them a small drumkit. i mean, hey, if they're gonna twist my arm. my wife hung out as long as she could keep her eyes open to listen to me and p jam, and not long after she headed back to bed, t came over with his guitar, and we really started rocking out. q & e showed up and listened to us play, and seemed to enjoy our made-up-on-the-spot shit quite a bit. it was the closest thing to a party that i have had in several months. i even had a drink, but considering how tired i was before, all it did was make me lazy. a good time was had by all.

the house is clean. cleaner than it has been in quite some time. not that the kids won't trash it again in no time at all, but hey, for a sec there it was clean.

and if i didn't already have the coolest wife in the world for letting us jam a mere 28 hours after she came home from the hospital, she has spent every waking hour today (which really isn't that much) apologizing that she isn't able to wake up enough to watch the kids while i go to guitar center and take advantage of the sale they've got going on to buy a mic and stand and some cables. like guitar center isn't doing some kind of sale every fucking week. and like she needs to apologize, she's on fucking percocet. i understand.

and really, that's about all that's going on with me. pretty exciting guy, huh?


darth sardonic


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