Sunday, March 26, 2006


boy, feb was a rough month for the sardonic household, and mar isn't doing much better so far. there's times where i would love a vacation from myself.

i'm proud to be a father, and i love my kids, but get me in the right mood and i get to feeling like maybe the trust that the divine show-runner has in my parenting abilities has been slightly misplaced. it's such a huge responsibility, and i worry constantly i'll botch it up.

that's not intended to be a fish for compliments either. just the way it is.

friends come and go. occasionally, i wonder what has become of the ones who have moved on. not enough to go find em, but like a passing curiousity. is this just me, or does everyone do that?

i love coffee. coffee is good. i survive on a daily basis thanks to coffee. coffee coffee coffee.

wow, didn't have as much to say as i originally thought. maybe i'm getting writer's block. or writer's cramp. or maybe i'm just dull.

a few words we should attempt to include in our daily vernacular: hepcat (if talking about a female, use hepkitten instead), dicey, dull (it's just horribly underrated, the word dull), and whom. no one says whom anymore.

well then, my droogs and only friends, till the next time,

darth sardonic


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