Sunday, June 25, 2006


yesterday, i was awakened abruptly before 7:30, and told to get dressed.

"werree gon?" i asked.

"for a drive." was the mysterious reply.

while i was still fumbling around the bedroom, trying to remember what i was doing (oh yeah, getting dressed), my wife came in and told me they were in the car waiting.

i dribbled myself into the car, and off we went. as we tore south on i-5, i was informed we were going to portland.

not long after, i was asleep again

it should be noted that picking up and going at the spur of the moment is cool. as long as there is no plan. why? you may ask. well, i'll tell ya. cause saying, we're gonna drive around the peninsula, and we might end up at a farmer's market in sequim, or walking down the main drag of port orchard window shopping, or checking out wwii bunkers in port townsend is cool. no plan, we do what we want, wherever the wind takes us.

saying, we're going to visit my godparents and then finding out they're not home, well...

however, m was going to be home shortly. so we went to the saturday market in portland, and perused the stalls of arts and crafts.

markets like this used to be my scene, man. (totally with beatnik accent. even snapping my fingers and bobbing my head, and saying, "jazzy!) local artists, hippies, left-of-centers, and outside-the-box thinkers. a pervading smell of bo, hemp, and patchoolie. popping in and out of whatever booths interested me and yakking to the owner about the best tie-dye technique, where to find interesting and cool metal junk to turn into art, and politics.

and i don't know if i have changed, or the scene has, i think maybe a bit of both. most of the hippies i saw were clean (not that there is anything wrong with that), and they looked like they were almost militant about what they were wearing. it used to be cast-offs, thrifter clothes, and anything they could make themselves out of hemp. now it is head-to-toe hemp, and nicely made on sewing machines, and purchased from stall 17. while most of the stands had the usual collection of cool candles, wood crafts, paintings, organic honey, and other sundries, there were only really two that interested me: in one, a guy (who totally looked like a comic book geek and computer game nerd) draws his own insanely detailed and cleverly done kind of sinister original art. my favorite was a girl who looked a bit like a fairy ascending stairs into a wall of laughing skulls. don't know what it meant, but it was fucking cool.

the other was a booth full of silk-screened shirts by this guy: (click on the birds for different options) the one i bought isn't in the silk-screen options yet. he said he's been doing alot of new stuff. i saw his booth at the end, and it more or less saved the experience for me. he and i talked quite a bit. he handed me his card, and told me to email him some of my original artwork, maybe we could work out some kind of trade, shirts for the use of some of my stuff. we'll see.

then we went to the outlet malls, where i paid more than i would normally by double for a pair of shorts at the vans outlet. but they are badass shorts. and they ended up coming in handy later when we all got muddy at m's house playing in the creek.

the boys ran around naked, splashing in the water, throwing mud. i laid out after splashing in the water with the boys, and then we all blew bubbles.

then home, tired and content for the most part, with our day away.

darth sardonic


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