Thursday, September 14, 2006

do we really care?

i'm tired of hearing the name, tom cruise. i mean, i am tired of hearing brittney spears, paris hilton, lindsey lohan, and a passel of others. but i've got a big "who the sweet cherry fuckstain cares?!?" for tom cruise.

did you see the clip of the prankster who squirted water in his face? if it had been me, i'da been pissed i hadn't thought of it. if i called the character back, it woulda been to clap him on the back, not level a lecture at him.

tom cruise isn't a scientologist, he's a member of the holy church of tom-cruise's-shit-don't-stink-and-he-is-god. and everyone has been running around kissing his ass for so long now that he is completely convinced that he could do no wrong.

so i'm pleased that someone (in the form of paramount) finally said, "uh, listen, pal. you better get back to your roots cause you've forgotten what it's like to be human. and as a result of this bit of amnesia, you are not good for us."

unfortunately, members of the aforementioned church have to stroke tom's overinflated ego by helping him get his own private production company. "oh, yeah, tom, everything you do is gold, baby. don't listen to paramount."

well, he can join forces with vin diesel in the next mission: impossible movie.


darth sardonic


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Vent, much?

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