Friday, August 18, 2006

2nd anniversary

two years i've been at this. two years i've been sitting down to this little chunk of the internet and babbling about the crazy shit that goes on around me, or between my ears.

i guess it could be said i've gathered a bit of a cult following (though i imagine this little following is even tinier than i might first think), the beloved nonexistant readers. i just want to say that the thought of you folks out there helps to make this whole thing come about. an idea, however vague, of people out there reading this, gives me an audience for which to write.

i've come a long way (baby, as i light up my virginia slim. hahahahaha) in the course of spilling my surreal, stream-of-concious vitriol. and this blog has played a major role in that. the times i have sat down to type out what i thought was going to be a very short and concise post about something (johnny carson, a dream about whales) and it has completely gotten away from me and i have inadvertantly dealt with issues i thought i had already cleaned up. these times have helped me to grow and become more centered.

and i am happy. happy with life, happy with this dumb little blog, happy with myself.

so, here's a big thank you, and a toast, to many more years of this silly drivvel. may we all find our peace.

darth sardonic


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