Wednesday, September 06, 2006

we have a living room

i hate moving. in case you missed it, i fucking hate moving.

but all our stuff is out of the old house and sorta into the new.

a few interesting facts:

no. 1 can say "mommy" 398,764,593,217.64 times in the time it takes one to pack 14 boxes.

if you say you are going to get an early start, it means before noon. if you're lucky.

goodwill, though a non profit, charitable organization, will not take anything "worn, dirty, or needing to be put together." now, my beloved nonexistant reader, i am not saying that what we were getting rid of was trash that we were trying to pawn off on goodwill. it was nice stuff. a decent sleeper sofa and loveseat, sundry clothes, a couple beds. but whatever we had was apparently not good enough for goodwill. who knew? fuckers.

there is always at least one thing that you were gonna get rid of that your kids are going to discover and rescue and for which they will manage to convince the governor to allow a stay of execution.

nothing tastes better after a long day of moving than an amaretto sour. unless it's maybe two amaretto sours. ok, maybe three. or, err, well, whatever.

you will forget the day that the internet is being turned off. you will curse the computer. you will call the provider, and find out you are an idiot.

you will move heavy shit, beat yourself up, keep going and going till you think you cannot go anymore. then you will get up the next morning, pop advil, and tackle it again until you are sure that even your very soul aches. the next day, you will painfully crawl from bed, insist you are unable to even stand upright, drink some coffee, take a million advil, and do it all again. at some point, the ache becomes the norm and you get your second wind.

and, o beloved and disappointed nonexistant reader, i am not that heartless. though many would beg to differ. i am not saying that steve irwin's passing is funny. yes, i know, i caught hell for my last post. from many sources. yes, i am a prick. no, i am not seeking help. but i am sorry.

and credit where credit is due, steve irwin was one brave, and yet caring and gentle individual, and i have always been amazed and in awe of what he could do.

so while it struck me a bit funny how he went, and i acted way too fucking fast on that impulse instead of taking some time to reflect, the man has always held my respect.

i hope that does the man some justice.

darth sardonic


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