Tuesday, August 15, 2006

tv tastes funny

boy time flies when you're...whatever.

to sort of catch you up on what has been going on since last we saw our antihero:

no. 2: waaaaaah!! no. 1: son, don't tell me no! coffee. darth: aaaaaarrgh!! the legend of zorro would've been made cooler by "duh duh dunda duh duh daaaaaaaaaaa" (raiders march. i know, i know, you were like, "what the fuck?") moshing. vroom. zoom. here's your pizzas. used mom's bday money to punch two holes in my ear and insert a barbell. she rolled her eyes. more moshing. landing on thomas the tank engine toys. darth: #%*%$&!!! (no one does this anymore. we've all gotten old enough to actually write out a rather vast plethera of foul words, but sometimes it's just fun to go with the old zingers.) bbq. s: when'd you get the rebar through your ear? mikeritas. friend i haven't seen in awhile: you've lost so much weight. darth: aww, thank you, you are my new best friend. more coffee. random pizza recipient: cool chuck t's. no. 2 went pee pee in the potty! yay! gin and tonics. i should have said, "dude." misery with mom. (misery is a card game, not troubles over the piercing.) no. 1: did you hear me? huh? huh? huuuh? even more coffee.

and i am adding tyler to my friends list. this site fucking cracks me up. i know, i know, everyone is talking about this site. since no one is talking about mine (cept me, to friends who shortly thereafter serve me with restraining orders), i figure this is as close to famous as i can get.

talk to you again soon, o beloved nonexistant readers.

darth sardonic


Blogger SeaGypsy said...

Dude anybody ever told ya your crazy? LOL


11:29 AM  

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