Friday, September 29, 2006


i just heard the new single by the rockstar: supernova band, and i've just gotta say: i would rather cut off my nuts than hear it again. yeah, it was that good.

apparently, it is not only illegal to smoke inside any public places in washington, but i guess it must be illegal to smoke within the confines of your car. why? you ask, as well you should. i do a hell of a lot of driving around the greater lakewood area, and i've noticed a few things about drivers. someone will always run the red light. always. people with a handicap symbol on their license plate seem to on the average drive 5 under the speed limit. which is not as bad as people with bush '04 bumper stickers, who drive about 10 under, in giant suv's, and seem to think they own not only the whole fucking road, but everything within a ten-mile radius as well (and maybe they do.) but i have also noticed a new trend of driving with your window rolled down and your arm jutting forth, fingers clamped on a cancer stick. the arm is only brought in to take quick, furtive drags on the cigarette, and then is ejected rapidly from the car again.

nesquik powder seems specifically designed to clump up and glom up when placed in milk. is this a bad thing? fuck no! i used to put about 4 tablespoons of nesquik in my glass of milk, give it one quick stir, eat the clumps and residual sludge on the bottom with a spoon, and then chug the brown milk. can't wait to show this method to my kids.

and yes, i am sure a few of you out there are "ew"-ing as you read that. but you know what? childhood happiness is lots of things. buttered toast dipped in milk, watching ants, blowing all the seeds off of a dandelion, and eating clumped up nesquik sludge. some of those things should be passed on from parent to child, and by christ, in my opinion, this is one of those things.

it seems that myself and many of my friends, and even my mother, agree you can't be a parent without screwing your kids up. so, when my boys are talking to the therapist, i hope they will say at some point, "yeah, dad was a rat bastard, but damn, could he make some yummy chocolate milk."

and after a break for belly zerberts all around, i think it is quite possible that the yummy chocolate milk might be more prominent in their minds than daddy being a rat bastard.

darth sardonic


Blogger Courtney said...

Just for the record, honey...I didn't "ewww" the Nesquick thing. I was right there with you on it. However...the buttered toast in milk thing, you lost me on. Par for the course, I suppose, since I'm also aware of your penchant for dunking your peanut butter sandwiches in said milk. And whole milk, nonetheless. Now THERE'S the real ew.

2:48 PM  

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