Tuesday, September 26, 2006

you know i adore you

2006 has been an insanely rough year on the sardonic household, and each time we surmount some pain in the ass, a new, bigger one seems to yawn before us.

at some ungodly hour of the morning, i was having this dream that i was being besieged by these horrible creatures with big, red, blazing eyes. i was staring right into them. deep, evil, dangerous eyes. i opened my own sleepy eyes to find myself staring straight into a pair of intense brown orbs.

i did what any red-blooded fella would do, jerked up in bed and screamed. which, of course, made no. 2 cry, all he was doing was intently staring daddy down while he slept. nothin wrong with that, right? the wife shrieked. once she knew what had happened, and no. 2 was calmed down and safely back in bed, she, like any supportive wife, laughed. and laughed. and she might've cried a bit, she laughed so much.

i think i just grumbled.

i hate stupid people. but what i really hate is stupid people that are proud of their stupidity and have the sheer unadulterated audacity to suggest that all should adopt stupidity as a lifestyle.

our dippy twat of an ex-landlady recently sent us a court-ordered check for monies we felt were unfairly taken from our deposit upon vacating the premises. i say unfairly because she took out upwards of $500 from our deposit, but when asked to present receipts to show the work done and materials purchased, they only added up to around $400. and a few receipts were obviously cranked out on a five-year-old computer by someone with only a vague understanding of how Word works. i could've produced, after a mere 15 minutes of deliberation, much more professional letterhead on my dell.

so obviously she is already attempting shady dealings. the court seemed to agree, since they ordered her to give us the money based solely on copies of the receipts and a written explanation for why we were seeking damages. it wasn't like people's court. there were no witnesses, no one stood before a judge and explained anything or called anyone names (i am doing that now).

but she felt the need to include with the check a letter basically telling us that we should be more like her and "take the high road." ummmmm, whatever you dumb snatch. she also said that if she wanted she could counter-sue. my first thought was, "oh please do, cause i really don't feel we took you for all the money you owe us, and would like another chance at getting some more." but it would be a "waste" of her time and money. ummm, yeah, you didn't even stand in front of the judge and he or she decided you owe us money, get your underhanded ass up in front of the robes and see how things go.

dumb twat.

on a slightly happier note, i recently bought a pair of pants with a 34 waist. and wore them. for several hours. and again later.

i am finally nearing my goals as far as how much mass i lug around with me (or the lack thereof), and i am quite happy about it. and pass that happiness along to you, the beloved reader.


darth sardonic


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