Thursday, December 21, 2006

city sidewalks, busy sidewalks

my youngest eats his food with his entire face.

he walks up to me and says, "dada, wan' chocalit cayk!"

i reply, "looks to me like you've already been, silly."

the kids and the cat spend all day begging me for more food. they have barely finished scarfing whatever i have brought them and wiped their face (or, in the case of my youngest, let it congeal) before they are asking for yet another thing. i have worn a rut between the kitchen and the living room.

however, it never fails that as soon as mom arrives home, they greet her at the door with cries of "oh my god, mommy, we're starving! we're so hungry. why is daddy such a bastard?"

luckily, my wife already knows that they have barely paused for breath before launching into another culinary offensive, or it's quite possible that i would've been given a stern talking-to at the very least.

i love the holiday season. not sure why. i guess i regress a bit to kiddom and get all kindsa dazzled by the lights and stuff. i try to avoid any place where a serious amount of moshpit shopping might be occuring, cause this usually throws it right off, and even though i know santa isn't going to hurl himself down the chimney laden with star wars action figures and plastic weaponry emblazoned with a bright red tip to let the world know it isn't real, i still enjoy the season.

and i seem to not be the only one, as my tips of late will decry. which is good, cause february sixth, at noon, my tattoo artist scott is gonna emblazon me with a devil girl and an angel girl and god-knows what else, and i need all the dispensable cash i can muster.

so i would wish a merry happy whatever fucking thing to you and yours, and many more to come. hope life finds you well and i hope we can share with those who aren't doing as well as ourselves.

darth sardonic

(who is, at heart, a big fucking softie. hahaha.)


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