Wednesday, December 27, 2006

ole stewball was a racehorse...

and i wish he was mine

we have mostly abolished the binkie in my household. we simple keep a couple around for nighttime, and the kids easily give them up in the am.

the other day, my wife bought a couple new ones, "just in case."

so a few days ago, no. 1 got up to go potty, and managed to lose the binkie out of his mouth and into the toilet right after he flushed.

a look of distress crossed his face as he bounced up and down and said "oh no! oh no! oh no!"

and zip! before anyone could even react, it was gone. the distress became full-on panic as he realized his beloved binkie had been sucked away. "it's gone! it's gone!" he shouted, as gigantic tears filled his extra-large black doe eyes.

i didn't know whether to burst out laughing, or burst into tears, the scene was so tragicomic. i opted for sympathetic concern, and quickly ran to fetch the new binkies, giving him his choice between the blue or the white.

he calmed quickly, and went back to bed.

the maintenance guy the next day smirked as he said, "so you decided to give up your pacifier, huh?"

no. 1 wanted to dig up the back yard to find his lost binkie, as he was sure that must be where it was.

no. 2 has lately been cultivating his rebellious side, saying "no!" to anything i suggest. i often come up with complete gibberish just to see if i can get him to say things like, "no, no rammalammadingdong!" or "no alapeanutbuttersandwiches!" i gotta get my fun somewhere, right?

and santa brought me absinthe for christmas. it's not the north-slope-trip-weed version of the drink, but definitely a good start. so i plan on being a bit tanked and maybe a tad green new year's eve, which, by sheer dumb luck, i managed to phanagle off.

more bulletins as news warrants.

oh, and if you're wracking your brain, peter, paul, and mary. i know, i know, just when you think you got me figured out.

darth sardonic

p.s. a game for the one or two of you out there actually reading this (cause i have no life and actually think anyone gives a shit, hahahaha): find the connection between a line involving a four-letter word and the numeric equivalent of a quarter of one hundred, as delineated by the pogues, and the aforementioned song by p, p, n m. do your homework, and it's pretty easy. and no, the connection is they both involve horses with bizarre names.


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