Friday, January 05, 2007

lady justice's scales seem lopsided

unless you have, like myself, been living in a box for the past month (and no, to all the people who care about me, no, i have not been really living in a box), you now know that saddam hussein is dead (so is james brown, so if you're a fan of early 90's techno, the song is now actually correct). this all seems a bit surreal to me. in my opinion, saddam hussein is a bigger household name than britney spears, and now he has been executed.

don't get me wrong, i am not mourning the loss. he was a tyrant and killed his own people because their branch of religion was not exactly the same as his. he created weapons of mass destruction. of course, there is no evidence that any of this has happened more recently than about the same time the aforementioned techno song was popular.

so i guess that means a bad man has been removed from power. good job, we should pat ourselves on the back.

now i would like to know what the fuck we are going to do about the bad men in darfur? this shit is happening right now! are we going to wait ten years, then go stomping in there and toss ourselves around like bullies and take out the men responsible for the death and rape and mutilation of hundreds of people?

what about osama bin laden? i know, i know, i have laid club to that deceased equine many a time. but it is true. what is being done about that bad man? he attacked us on our own soil, and we have done little but put troops in harm's way.

what about kim jong il? i know, he hasn't done anything to his own people, nor ours yet, but it seems likely he might want to. oughtn't we to be doing some research at least into that field? shouldn't we be letting him know we won't stand for any horseplay?

let me point something out. bush supporters all seem to hate with a passion former president clinton. ok, whatever. and bush supporters all sing the praises of bush's "military leadership" and how he was "the right man for the job" etc etc. no bin laden. and a rather shoddy job of pulling down hussein and cleaning up the subsequent mess in iraq. can i just say that when it was found out that milosovich was killing thousands of his own people and burying them in mass unmarked graves, and raping others, and in general routing them from the country, clinton went in, and milosovich was taken out of power relatively quickly. and the country was turned over to the people to be run by themselves, not us.

if we are going to be the world's police (and we seem hell-bent on making that the case), then by christ, we better get on the goddamn ball. we're like the la cops who beat fuck out of african americans over whatever stupid shit we can fabricate in our heads. in general, cops like that aren't liked by anyone, and always get everyone into trouble.

let's be the kind of cops who take care of the bad men, all of them, and leave everyone else to do their thing in a safer environment.

darth sardonic


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I'm totally with you on this one.

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