Monday, January 01, 2007

throw old things away...

god, i love codiene. the band, not the medicine that induces drowsiness. of course, my wife would say the band induces drowsiness as well. but that is neither here nor there.

out with the old, in with the new.

'06 was a pitiful, wretched excuse for a year, and i say good fucking riddance. (i am actually flipping off the air, or the sky, or god, or maybe just the beams in the ceiling, whatever the case may be.)

i lost my stepdad, made and broke friendships within months, joined a band that changed rosters three times and then fell to shit after writing a couple songs and not-quite-perfecting alot of covers, got screwed over by my brother (blood is thicker than water my cracker ass); who then subsequently fucked my mother over and then landed in jail on unrelated charges, moved 3 times in six months, suffered monetary hardship, cried alot, wisht i'd die alot, and felt guilty for shit that was not really my fault, and over which i had little or no control.

of course, as with anything in life, it was not all bad. i gained a renewed respect and admiration for my mother, made some strong and lasting friendships, grew musically and learned to trust my instincts on the bass and guitar, and, frankly, that i am actually pretty talented (don't worry, i won't let it go to my head), wrote my brother right the fuck off, and helped my mother to do the same (time he fucking grow up on his own, prick), got a great house on base wherein i can live without relying upon others for my continued existance here, knocked down some bills, laughed excessively, loved life extensively, and decided to live my life for me and quit worrying about what others expect of me.

here is why '07 is going to be so much better: our house in new mexico is rented, and the renters might be interested in buying, and around the time they would be, we will be ready to sell, and the new property manager has her head on her shoulders as opposed to adjoined to her hip-bones like the last one. my wife is off her profile, and will be leaving for the sandbox. and while that is bittersweet (i am going to miss her insanely, but have a strong network of friends who will keep me from getting too depressed), she won't be anywhere near the warring, and we will pay off several more bills, and will start to be able to breathe. it will also give me a big break from the inner circle of calzone hell, which i plan to use working on music (i may even already be in another, more established band--as well as on the verge of being ready to start recording my own solo stuff) and my novel. both of my adorable and ridiculously cute kids are making huge leaps and bounds in their progress towards catching back up to the status quo. a buddy of mine is going to teach me to ride motorcycles this summer, and then he and i are going to build a bass from scratch (i have already put together a guitar for him out of some parts i had laying around--yes, some people have jars of nuts and bolts, or spare car parts, i have guitar stuff), and then we will probably build me a bike.

the sky's the fucking limit!

as an aside, absinthe is crazy-strong-tasting stuff. i love, and i mean loooooove anise, but god DAMN, there is such a thing as too much. needless to say, new year's eve was a blast!!

and i want to take this moment to say thank you to all of you non-existant readers. this blog, quite literally, keeps me sane.

darth sardonic


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