Friday, February 16, 2007

i love carhartts, but hate gibsons

the drink, not the guitar. i love gibson guitars (i own a battered and much-loved sg special, the cheapest i could find. it is a wonderful guitar.), but not dry vermouth and gin. which is too bad, cause turns out i love cocktail onions, and this is the only drink i have found that uses 'em. but i love tom collinses. i need to try a harvey wallbanger. just cause. just cause the name is cool.

not everything i write is a gem. or if it were a gem, it would be a big hunk of blue or red plastic in the shape of some precious stone, and set in some cheap alloy treated to look like gold till that flakes off in sheets and it turns all greeny-brown.

thrift stores are cool. the coolest one ever is the one right here on base, that i visit at least once weekly to blow some of my hard-earned mosca on fun stuff that can only be found at thrift stores.

like the $3 leather chair.

my wife says i'm like norm on cheers: soon, i will go into the thrift store and everyone will call out "darth!!"

i wonder if norm drank gibsons or tom collinses? or maybe harvey wallbangers.

probably just beer, which i can tolerate even less than kids who break legs on $3 thrift store leather chairs.

but i like carhartts, which is handy, because the jeans outlet down by the spot where the little leg-breakers have therapy is having a going-out-of-business sale, on everything. levis, dickies, carhartts. or actually, it is handy they were having a sale since i like carhartts so much. that would probably be more correct.

so i purchased a pair of black carhartt double knee work pants (that i have been feening for since i myself manned a sales desk in the carhartt section of a sporting goods/workwear store in fairbanks, alaska, but never felt i could afford) for a fraction of what they would normally cost. but not, my wife was quick to point out, less than what i won't spend on a pair of new chucks since, as i say, "it's just too much to spend on a pair of all-stars!" followed by a tirade of when i could remember they were a fraction of what they cost now.

add to that the fact i own numerous pairs of chucks, and only one pair of carhartts.

i also have numerous pairs of dickies, so i didn't buy any more at the sale of the century at the jeans outlet that is near the therapy of kids who, without even meaning to, injure legs on outdated, and yet still cool pieces of uber cheap furniture where i tried in vain to enjoy a gibson.

the drink, not the guitar.

darth sardonic

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