Monday, January 22, 2007

banker's blog

ok, while i was waiting for heroes, world's coolest show in a long time, to come on, i was watching deal or no deal.

at the end, they make a plug for the website, which, apparently, include's the banker's blog.

and now, presenting, my version of the banker's blog:

no one even knows what i look like. why does this cubicle smell? everyone likes howie. why do i have to be the bad guy? i'm a nice guy. oh, but howie gets to be the good guy. everybody loves howie. but baaaaad banker. i get him back though. when i call down, i talk in klingon. he doesn't even know what i am saying. he just makes something up and then gives them the buy-out. but what i am saying is: "some night while you sleep, howie. when no one else is watching." man, i really gotta pick up some febreeze. i wonder how often they clean up these headphones?

maybe, maybe not, who knows? but i bet that is what it is.

darth sardonic


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