Monday, January 22, 2007

the exploited vs the subhumans vs the casualties

aren't they all basically the same thing?

we shaved off no. 2's mohawk. it was getting ridiculous, even by gutter punk standards, and seeing as my kid didn't dress in clothes that he had found in a dumpster, i'm guessing it was all a bit much.

plus, when we didn't hawk it up (which was alot because it is very hard to glue a 'hawk when every little noise causes the recipient to turn this way and that. his hawk would end up looking like the "straight" line a drunk driver attempts to walk while blue-suited fellas shine bright lights in his eyes: it would weave this way and that before falling over on it's ass at the end.) it hung in his eyes something fierce, and since both of my kids have been blessed with gorgeous eyes, this was a sin i simply couldn't allow to continue.

anyways, it was time.

on the flip side, we get to go about growing it out again!

not really much else going on here.

for now...

darth sardonic


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