Tuesday, January 30, 2007

...and don't forget the joker

a very special ty to my pal g, who got my oldest hooked on tony hawk skateboarding video games. bastard.

so i had some extra guita in my pocket, and we were killing time at the mall, so i popped into a game store, and picked up a used tony hawk game for the ps2 (and crazy taxi for myself--change "taxi" to "pizza driver" and toss in a pierced and tatted stay-home dad and a red prelude and hey, presto! you've got me exactly. hahaha.)

now, no. 1 turns video games into a full-contact sport. he leaps around playing the game, and even if he manages to remain in the same spot on the floor, he is bouncing up and down the entire time (he is gonna be absolutely bad-ass in a mosh pit when he gets older.)

so i notice they play this one song over and over alot. ace of spades. it's catchy as fuck, and pounding and fast, so i kinda dig it.

so does no. 1. as he bounces up and down and maneuvers his skateboard on the screen, he is singing, "the eggs is break. the eggs is break." and then humming the raucous guitar chords.

i crack up, and decide i better download it. so i say to myself, "i wonder who sings it?" and almost instantly it pops in my head: motorhead. don't fucking ask me how i knew that either. some deep deep pit of my subconcious coughed that one up.

and let the fun begin.

later, he was playing the game again, and i heard him singing, "hey, ho! let's go! hey, ho! let's go!"

"he's your kid." my wife says.

he sure is.

darth sardonic

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