Saturday, February 24, 2007

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tacoma can't handle a simple concert

got free tickets to see breaking benjamin/three days grace/nickleback at the tacoma dome. it should be said here that the band we really want to see is breaking benjamin, which, it appears to us, the casual observers, was treated like the bastard redhead stepson on this tour.

we left at 6 to catch them beginning in the vicinity of 7. we live a mere 15-minute drive from the dome. we didn't get into the concert till 8. yes, 8. 8 fucking o'clock, two motherfucking sodding hours later. why? because apparently the parking lots at the dome were full already at 6. and tacoma's finest was letting no one anywhere near the dome, which meant we had to drive several miles out of our way in stop and go traffic (and i mean no-shit stop and go. i rarely put the car into second, and every time i did, i had to slam on my brakes shortly thereafter) to pay $10 to drive up four levels to park and nearly run five blocks to the dome, only to find out that breaking benjamin had already played some time ago.

we decided to fuck off for dinner instead, and heard maybe two songs by three days grace while all this occured, which, i might add, sounded like refried shit, so i'm guessing the rest of the concert would've bit dead donkey nuts.

headline on the tribune the next morning: more parking needed for tacoma dome? no fucking duh.

just rewards

for some time, my faith in kharma had begun to fail. that is to say, i was beginning to feel that the cosmic scale had gotten it reversed: for every good thing you did, bad things happened to you, and for every bad thing you did, you were heaped upon with blessings.

but my faith has been renewed.

the doss cunt that was a former roommate/bandmate who put his shit in storage to fuck off to the desert and left us with a hefty fine for breaking our lease after assuring us that he was "good for it" at the signing of the papers returned recently from his deployment.

now, in his absence, we have happenchanced upon several other people he has fucked over/hurt in some way. turned out this douchebag only befriends people for what he can con them out of them.

but he appeared to thrive.

until recently. he's apparently hard-up for friends upon his return, as he has tried to contact my wife a few times since returning, to no avail. and he apparently can't understand why she won't talk to him. furthermore, he has been hanging out at work (all day), which he "hates" with people he "can't stand" during his time off, most likely since he has nothing else to do.

and he was recently called in along with one of his other buddies to have his ass chewed by three different and seperate supervisors for being insubordinate and lazy whilst deployed in a war zone. i know for a fact that he had to dye his hair back to normal from some ungodly color (the last one was green) for this "meeting" because every time he comes back from a deployment, he bleaches and dyes his hair.

and his direct supervisor, which he has always been sure he could bulldoze (she is one of the other fuckees of twatboy), made it abundantly clear to him that he is to come in, do his job, shut the fuck up, and quit fucking about. and this was backed by the rest of the supervisors up the chain. in not-so-nice words. at not-normal-conversation volumes.

yeah, his life currently fucking sucks.

and i am laughing my dipshit ass off.

random lines from the past few weeks

it's the instant my face hits the windshield, followed by my face hitting the brick wall, that is what would do it for me.

all we can hope is breaking benjamin goes on late (this was still an hour before we actually got into the venue).

he's gotta be hatin' life. and j.c.'s had an amp for sale that is exactly like the one he spent 1200 bucks buying. i can't help but think he had to hock it. at least that is how the story is gonna go in my head.

stah war' lego. yeeeeaaaaah!!!!

i've been recording music, which means i am going to have to break down and start a fucking myspace to get it out there. (yes, soon i will have a link to my music myspace, god i hate myself hahahaha!)

even though we didn't get to see them, i still had a great time hanging out with you.

i don't care if you don't see it my way/i don't care if you see it at all (low pop suicide)

if you two don't quit fucking fighting, i will turn the goddamn game off.

(this is actually a whole, though short, funny story. i tell the boys i am going to turn the game off if they can't play as a team. in unison, they shout "no!" then begin bickering between the two of them again. click! no. 1 proceeds to have what i can only describe as a mixture of a seizure, aneurysm, thrombosis, and constipation all at the same time. his face is purple, his ears are red, his eyes are huge and moist, his body is vibrating like a chimed bells, and his fists are clenched. no. 2 just began bawling. wonder where he gets that? hmmmm. must do more research...)

darth sardonic

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