Friday, February 23, 2007

not an answer, really...

i don't like to think of myself as one with answers. or as a philosopher. i wouldn't even consider myself a deep thinker. i do think of myself as someone who knows how small and miniscule i really am, and believes that others out there are deep thinkers with answers, and that i occasionally come across these answers in whatever form they are presented, and recognize them for what they are: answers, nuggets of wisdom imparted so that we might better live our lives.

life is both good and evil. you ever been crying at something and something in that same moment strikes you as funny and you laugh through the tears? that is life. life is dichotomy. life is duality. the meaning of the devil girl and the angel girl kissing on my back is that: accepting that both things have a place. yin and yang.

seek that which makes you happy. if you are miserable all the time, maybe being miserable is your happiness. if not, change it.

creating is so much harder than destroying. any dozy bloke can take a hammer to a ming vase, but imagine how long it took some fella to sit and create that vase, and paint it, and capture its essence. seek to create, not destroy.

but again, destruction is as much a part of life as creation.

seek the perfection in the imperfections. there is a line in the last samurai which i am going to most assuredly misquote for you now, but must first set the stage: one character is talking about how a man could spend his entire life looking for the perfect cherry blossom. later, as he and his friends gear up for what is sure to be their last battle, he says, with tears in his eyes (and mine too, for fuck's sake), "i just realized, they are all perfect." i have little scars all over my fingers and hands, nicks from fishooks, cuts from carving knives, a few large ones from bigger tools. each and every one is beautiful to me in some way.

why is art important? it is a way for someone to communicate to the future. pictures of immigrants taken in grainy black and white, van gogh's starry night, this stupid little blog, all notes to the future.

all screaming, "i am no different than you. you are no different than me. i am, i was, i always will be."

but the best way to remain forever in some way is to be a positive force in the lives around you.

take good care, my beloved nonexistant readers, o my droogs and only friends, of yourselves and each other.

darth sardonic


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