Tuesday, July 24, 2007

barking mad (the tat FAQ's)

to even know what i am talking about, one must check out the pic, post, and comments to my last post, entitled the tat.

pixie, i love that, yes, i am gonna go with barking mad. i always say certifiable, but i think i like barking mad even better, and may even put that on a t-shirt (i already have a t-shirt i had made that says: NOBODY CARES now get the fuck away from me and another that simply says pathetic, so i will simply add barking mad to that, wooooo hoooooo).

yes, it hurts. while doing it, and off and on during the entire healing process. not nearly as much as you might think, and i usually do a bit of the ol' ed norton in fight club while he is getting that nasty lye burn and kinda ignore it and focus on it at the same time (i actually see a penguin that turns into helena bonham carter with bad hair and tells me "slide" followed by pretty trees and flowers being desecrated by fire, heh heh). the healing part usually feels like a really bad rugburn or roadrash. after one of the sessions awhile back, i actually stuck to the sheets in the middle of the night and when i rolled over woke myself up with a jerk and then had to peel myself free, slowly. however, it doesn't hurt nearly enough for me not to continue going through with it. as for brave, not hardly, ref. above the whole "barking mad" conversation.

queeny, ibid. and laughed my damn ass off at steely ones.

bel, it is going to be full color like a painting. all my other tats are black with shading when necessary, but this one i wanted a complete color. and considering how fucking great the shading is turning out, i can't wait to see how the finished product looks.

it has taken a total of 12 hours so far (four three-hour sessions) and i suspect it will take at least another three hours to finish the shading (maybe more), and then at least that much again to color it. i figure over 30 hours total, at least.

wuastc, i did the peeking-undies thing just for you.

as i get more questions, i will edit in the answers here.

darth sardonic

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Color it is, then ;) From the pic you showed, I gather the artist will probably deliver some good work with the shading of the colors. How long will it be (how many sessions) before it's finished?

1:07 PM  
Blogger Mama Bear said...

So getting a large tat is like writing a book, then? You're working in chapters...

3:24 PM  
Blogger lady macleod said...

you have no idea how funny this post is if you have not read the previous! for those of us who have been laid up reading backwards is a kick.

I see the photograph teasing me so I must be off to read some more.

3:55 PM  

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