Friday, July 20, 2007

rain rain go away,

come again another day,
all the world is waiting for the sun...

i don't want to build a fucking avatar, i just want the fucking lyrics! i'm not even sure what building a damn avatar has to do with lyrics of songs anyhow.

it should be a requirement for people planning on moving to western washington for any length of time to take a course on driving in the rain. fuck me sideways if i didn't see people nearly fuck themselves up about a million times on the trip out to my mom's house today. one of them was a single car accident. i think he didn't slow down while trying to powerhouse through an intersection and he fucked his car up on the opposite curb. the standard washington manoeuvre of trying to speed through the ass-end of a yellow light doesn't work when it is rainy.

why is it that the kid who can barely keep his eyes open at 4 p.m. will then play noisily in his room after his regular bedtime until about 8:30 p.m. before passing out on a stack of legos, and then pop from bed like a mongoose ready to kill the cobra at 4:30 a.m. and want to tell me at top volume about how grand it is to be alive and how much this new day means to him?

i believe i told him from the cocoon of my warm bedclothes: "foodle shagga obb, figgle nappa 'k, nenn wanna b' sappy, wigga?" (if you don't shut your gob, i'll fucking snap your neck, and then you won't be so happy, willya?) (early morning darth is an evil bastard and should be left to his own devices until he crawls from bed like the first fish to pull itself gasping from the primordial ooze.)

i'm ready to go back to hot and humid any damn time. i have been loathe to close the windows and turn off the fans, cause i know it is coming, but the house is a frigid 60 degrees most of the damn time now, and anyways, it is fucking july! i mean i know it is western washington, the gray, dreary drizzle capitol of the known world, but c'mon already!

that is more or less it on the sardonic front for now. i predict some yahtzee against my mom in my near future, as well as drinks and dinner and brooke-ogling with s, but much beyond that i can't really say.

darth sardonic

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