Sunday, August 05, 2007

holy shit!

prada pixie has given me a courageous blogger award. first, let me say, i am flattered. shit, i am beyond flattered.

let me follow up by saying, i in no way feel courageous. i'm just a fella, a regular fella, doing what needs to be done. yes, everyday is a battle with my kids. but there are so many moms/dads out there who do it alone while working full time, for life. those people are courageous.

yes, my wife is deployed serving in the armed forces of the united states. those motherfuckers are courageous. i lucked out during my 8 years in the air force and never went anywhere ever where there was even the remotest possibility that the people would not even like me, let alone want to kill me. but so many of our lads and lasses are hunkered down in foreign parts, dreaming of home and hoping to live long enough to get there. many of them come home battered, tattered, and shell-shocked at the end of their tours, only to spend a few months with their families, and ship back out again. their courage actually makes me choke up a bit.

i am not even seperated from my wife that long. four months is the absolute shortest one can go, and that is what she will be gone. hell, she is even at an actual airbase in a relatively friendly country, with a chow hall, and a couple of small clubs with actual alcohol, and lots of activities to keep themselves busy. many of our sons and daughters are out there in little better than tents, with no running water, in the middle of potentially hostile zones, many without even a clue as to why, except it is the job they signed up for. and the wives and husbands are at back at home, waiting the seven-and-a-half months to the two-week midtour, where they will see their spouses for a small handful of cherished moments before they go back out again, to be shelled and car-bombed etc for another seven-and-a-half months, with the possibility of an extension. those spouses are courageous. 15 fucking months... i don't think i would make it.

hahaha, as far as the tattoo goes, that isn't courage, ref back to the "barking mad" conversation again, heh heh.

again, i am extremely flattered. i appreciate it, and will try to wear it with pride. i just want to remind us who the real courageous people are, who the real heroes are.

now, if there was a "whiney bastard blogger award" i think i might be a shoo-in for that one.

hmmm, and five others, huh? this is always the hard part. as far as i am concerned, i would re-award it to prada pixie. cause that lady is one gutsy mammajamma. so, you get retagged, pixie.

i would definitely send one over to lady macleod. it's maybe not that she is battling something every day, or in the trenches, or what-have-you, but she has travelled the world, which requires a certain courage, and above and beyond that, is not afraid to speak her mind when necessary, and that is ballsy as fuck. so, one for you, lady macleod.

i would also pick jenny. cause she just deals with something i couldn't begin to comprehend on a daily basis. and i think there is a certain amount of courage that goes along with that which i imagine i would find lacking in myself.

i think jamie should also be tagged. i am not fully sure what she deals with, but the "treatments" don't sound fun, and i am guessing hint at something much more sinister just under the surface, and again, i find that incredibly courageous.

finally, i would hand this over to snuffleupagus as well. snuff is entrenched in a war of a different kind, and isn't afraid to say what needs to be said in regards to the failings of that system. and because i think any teacher that really makes an effort is one courageous person, often with little visible reward. (i wish my high school algebra teacher could hear me saying this, since i was an enormous prick to him, and he tried to get me to quit being lazy and use my brain, and as far as he knows, it was all to no avail. but in college algebra, i aced it with flying colors, and thought of him every day. sorry, my writing is very stream-of-concious, and i just wanted to throw that in there, not to lessen the importance of snuff's courageousness.)

i find it an interesting sidenote that i am pretty sure everyone i have tagged with this award will, no doubt, like me, not think of themselves as courageous at all. isn't it funny how the person that is a hero to someone else, usually thinks of themselves as simply doing what needs to be done?

darth sardonic


Blogger jenny said...

You just took the words right out of my head: "Isn't it funny how the person that is a hero to someone else, usually thinks of themselves as simply doing what needs to be done."

I thank you very much for the award and like you, I don't see myself as courageous. I just gotta do what I know how to do!

Congrats to you on the award also, and I do see you as being a good father, to stay home while wifey is far away, and taking care of your boys. There are not many men that would do that and would rather shoot themselves in the foot than do what you do. So yes, you are courageous!

7:19 PM  
Blogger jAMiE said...

Oh this touches me so much. I thank you brought a tear..well tears to my eyes.

Thank you so much for thinking of me as courageous...but as you mentioned, i don't see myself in that light.I am just fighting a battle that has to be fought against an insideous disease...cancer (brain tumour).

Now i have to pass this on to five others, is this correct?

7:55 PM  
Blogger Pixie said...

I'm not sure what to do about re-tagged.... but thank you. I agree so much with what you say.

Especially the idea that we are courageous, it has to be others view of us. It is impossible to own that feeling. It nearly drove me round the bend when I was ill being told I was brave. I wasn't, I was just surviving.

And where i think you are totally spot on is the fact that anyone wherever in the world fighting for their country is courageous so i'll tag the whole lot of them.

Or rather just use your site to pay tribute to them. As I think we as a society will have to be very aware on their return of how damaged they will be, because of their experiences.

And it would be nice to think that we, the rest of society will stop expecting them to be brave when they come back and give them the proper care that they will need to deal psychologically with what is inside their heads.

But I have my doubts, how can governments allow that, so we will continue to have repercusions of ignoring their needs

And I will stay in work, dealing with the families of the soldiers as only they can be seen to be 'needy'.Whilst the real victim has no care.

Sorry I seem to have gone off on a bit of a rant. Must be your influence, Darth, so I'll just blame you!!

11:09 PM  
Blogger lady macleod said...

You are dead on that I in no way think myself courageous. I know when my daughter has often ask about my life "before child", "didn't you think it was strange? didn't you want a normal life?" But to me it was a normal life. Like you I am so in awe of the courage of others that I am speechless and humbled to have someone, especially of your caliber, give me such an accolade.

parenthood, my friend, under any circumstances, when done with love is courageous; when performed as a single parent (fortunately for you, yeah! not permanently) with challenges it is a feat. I salute you every day for your humor, your honesty, your love for your wife and your children. It takes a "real man" to say "I fucked up today."and a talented one to say it with such panache as you.

I accept this award in the spirit given and I thank you for the honor. I do think the award reflects on the presenter.

I whole heartedly applaud your other choices. Well done there! Thank you my dear, I am very touched.

2:17 AM  
Blogger Queeny said...

Congratulations, Darth (and you other courageous folk). I agree with Pixie that you are indeed courageous. Not to be sexist, but many a man is not suited to do what you're doing. God bless you!

2:29 PM  

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