Wednesday, September 19, 2007

you love me, you really love me...

hahaha! if you've spent any time reading and paying attention to this blog, you know i kinda get all "aww, shucks" when i receive awards.

this is usually as a result of not feeling worthy to receive the award and/or seeing many others around me that i feel would be much better and deserving recipients.

but this time, i think i might actually be able to get behind my own worthiness to receive this particular accolade. (no, no, don't worry, i am not going to let it go to my head, heh heh.)

cause i am, i spose, in my own inimitable manner, an awesome dude. not in the way, say, all of krissie and bel's hot guys are, or in the way that tyler durden is, or david beckham, or tom cruise (sorry, snickering behind my hand here at my own little joke), or whoever else. but when it comes to fixing a broken toy (i reattached g.i. joe's arm with strips of duct tape just yesterday. i know, i know, my white trash self coming through, but it was really the only way, i don't think it would've worked if i had tried to bolt it back on even), or lavishing my kids with praise (and sometimes tongue-lashings), or being a solid friend with big shoulders to cry on and big ears to listen and simultaneously slow with opinions and judgements, and knowing when it is my time to shine, and when to fade back and let others shine, i would imagine i am an awesome dude.

now, i know, you are all staring at your screens, thinking, "oh my god, did darth just lavish a little praise on hisself? i must run out now and prepare for the armageddon." worry not, o my beloved non-existant readers, and close your mouths (sitting there with your eyes wide and your jaws dropped looks so silly, hehehe), and put away your 72-hour survival packs, cause i try to be self-aware, and i realize that while i usually talk myself down considerably in here (because it is fun, and nothing makes people laugh quite as much as making fun of yourself about the stupid shit you do that turns out to be the same stupid shit that everybody does) i actually know my strengths and weaknesses.

and, if nothing else, i am an awesome dude for the plain and simple fact that i aint full of meself, y'know?

now, five more deserving recipients. hmmmmmm...

this may appear to be a cop-out, or the easy way, but you know what? i think everyone in my pals list is a deserving recipient, cause let's face it, if you are in my pals list, it's cause i want to read your blog on a regular basis (and because you read mine on a regular basis, and thank you so much for that, i really appreciate it), which means that, for me at least, you have something worth saying. and that, o my beloved and fair non-existant readers, is really saying something when there are literally thousands of blogs out there, and furthermore, makes you, the official non-existants, and members of my pals list, awesome dudes. so if you read this, consider yourselves awarded, cause you deserve it! and if you have already received this award, well, stick a gold star by it, or whatever.

and it is a free country, so if you choose to respectfully decline (or ignore altogether) the award, you won't find any argument from me, hahaha.

darth sardonic

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Blogger Krissie said...

cause i am, i spose, in my own inimitable manner, an awesome dude. not in the way, say, all of krissie and bel's hot guys are

You know you're up there with them in our hearts, right? Cuz we may be drooling over what they look like, but we're in this for your mind. So any award you get is bloody well deserved. And you're not half bad to look at either. ;) (Actually, when I e-mailed your post to a friend once, the reply I got was something like: Ahahahahahahahaha! And he's hot too! So there you go, you're a full package.)

12:47 AM  
Blogger zirelda said...

I think what I like most about your blog is your dripping sarcasm and indomitable sense of humor. Oh and the kids are a hoot and a half.

7:10 AM  
Blogger wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Well, I bet the wife and kids think you're pretty awesome, too, dude.

8:02 AM  

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