Friday, October 05, 2007

you know what's funny?

funny is leaving a comment on a blog (welcome blogget) that you are just going to link it, and noticing on your way out to do so that you are already linked. not the brightest crayon, me.

it is odd, as an aside (since this post is so fucking teeny tiny) that cell phones and the internet have conditioned us to seek instant gratification, attention, and made us a bit paranoid:

"why hasn't so-and-so texted me back? why won't they reply to my im's? why haven't they noticed my posts? are they ignoring me?"

ummmm, maybe cause they got shit going on. maybe their kid has drawn on the walls and they are frantically trying to get it off with one of those (godsend) sponge eraser thingies before their spouse gets home and asks what the fuck they have been doing all day.

i mean, just for instance, you know.

darth sardonic



Blogger Blogget Jones said...

Awww, you mentioned me by name, Darth! :o) And thanks for the I said, I was the link-whore first! LOL

And you're right about cells, Internet, etc. -- they have not helped my overblown impatience at all. And paranoia. But I'm soooo addicted....

;o) Blogget

3:06 PM  
Blogger Mme. A. said...

it's just terrible when we seek attention. we spend countless nights thinking "oh, god, why? why haven't anybody replied? oh, god, oh, why!!!" and then you get that terrible gloomy face and try to kill yourself with a plastic knife.

i've been there. but the thing is, since i've gotten so busy lately, there are times when i don't even want to look at my computer. it makes me sick, especially because nowadays i work in front of it all the f*cking time. but that's life, right?

oh, and those spongie thingies are one of the things i miss about the us. we don't have anything like that down here and i must admit, it used to make my life much, much easier. but then again, it brings the doubt: where does it go? you scrub it on your wall and you get the damn thing clean and at the same time, the spongie thingie disappears. what happens to it? is it like a magic conjuration thing that makes it stick to the wall and clouds your vision so that you don't see that the doodles are still there? damn cthulu. or cthlulu or chuthahruaklhfaljfal. ha.


3:39 PM  
Blogger Pixie said...

yeah OK so I've been away for a weekend, so just calm down I'm back now..... LOL

1:11 PM  
Blogger Sparx said...

ah, erasing wall writing! Must be coming for me... my story is that, er, man, life is so full of STUFF that I get lost sometimes! I'm leaving you a little award, you've probably already got it but have it again why doncha?

3:02 PM  

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