Wednesday, October 06, 2004

new music, and why it sucks...

recently, a song came on the radio (for those of you as know, we listen to "the end"--which must mean "the end of good music", but more on that later.), and i turned to my wife and said, "hey, isn't this a new song by keen? no, wait. uh, snow patrol, right? no, uh uh, hang on, train. wait, no, five for fighting. nope, that's not it, it's gotta be modest mouse, right? right?"

my wife turned to me, gave me "that look", and said, "it's coldplay."

of course it is. now, i have already established that i kinda like coldplay. and it should be further explained that i like the respective songs that each of the aforementioned bands gets played on the radio. i even own a whole album by one of them(fifty bucks to the person who correctly guesses which, and coldplay doesn't count, they are actually my wife's cd's--and yes, i know that i still owe a blog where i expound and extoll(is that even the word?) the virtues of sarah jane and nico for having successfully googled codiene, i'm getting there eventually!)) but everyone sounds kinda like coldplay, which i have already said sound to me like watered-down radiohead.

now, there is a fucking band! remember "creep"? that jicka-jicka distorted guitar?! but not just that, underneath those earbloodying chords, there was a pretty melody, sorta sad, and a little angry. if you bought the album and listened to it, you found out in the original, he wasn't saying "you're so very special", he was saying "you're so fucking special" badass! he wasn't whining about how badly he sucked and how awesome she was, he was pissed about it! and if you listened to the whole album, it was all like that, beautiful, sad, angry melodies, layered in angry distorted guitars. there wasn't a bad song in the bunch. now, as for "the bends" and "ok computer", well, they're not bad, they just don't have it like "pablo honey" did.

now everybody sounds like these guys. or like they are unsuccessfully trying to sound like these guys. and that is the beginning of why new music sucks.

but it is later than i thought, and i must go out and smoke my nightly cigarette and toddle off to bed, so tomorrow i will tell you why "the end" is more like "the end of good music".

night all,

darth sardonic


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