Wednesday, September 22, 2004

more political observations...

when micheal moore showed up to the republican political convention (the one where dick cheney formally accepted his candidacy for vp, then spent the rest of his speech bagging on kerry like we're all in high school again and it's just a popularity contest--further cementing in my mind that the republicans don't have a fucking clue what they're doing, only that we should vote for them cause they're cooler than kerry), he was not only greeted by booing, (which is to be expected), but many of the speakers called him "fatty" and "fatso".

now, i don't agree with everything that micheal moore says or does, but at least he's showing up to both conventions. he obviously checks out what the republicans have to say, instead of just being liberal "because", which is more than i can say for most republicans i meet. but the fact that the republicans reduced themselves to calling him "fatty" is absolutely insane.

these are grown men. or are they? i'm not sure. i get the feeling that if dubya was to have busted out a keg and led them in some frat songs they would've all been screaming and trying to have sex with drunk and passed-out chicks in about a half-hour. maybe they did anyway, i don't know.

what i do know, is that i was a geek in high school, and called names by guys like dubya. and some of my friends were a lot like micheal moore. and i know that to this day, guys like dubya piss me off. if dubya didn't have political connections, he strikes me as the kind of guy who would've hung around his old high school, or frat, hanging out with the same pack of jock losers, going on and on about the "good ole days", and drinking beer and pissing his life away.

whatever the case may be, he's not the kind of person i want running my country. didn't want him the first time (and honestly, i doubt highly that he was actually voted in by a majority of the country), and i don't want him now. if he couldn't stand up and ask his fellow republicans to show some common decency to micheal moore, how am i going to expect him to represent my country in a world that is increasingly hostile towards us?

and another thing. dubya has never lived outside of the us of a. could we make it a requirement that presidential candidates must have lived in a foreign country(not including canada or mexico, as these two are too close to us to be completely objective) before they run for office? cause i have lived in a foreign country (argentina, for two years), and i feel that the usa is a cool country based on what i learned while living there. i also feel that argentina is a cool country. i also gained an insight into how the world views us, and personally learned how to be a better advocate for our country. no one likes the guy who is constantly reminding us that he is better than us. but in the playground of the world, the us is that guy. and they hate us. and i don't blame em. we are loud, we think everyone should do things the way we do, and we tell everyone else that we are the best. well, we're not. we're good, maybe, but we're not the best, and not everything that comes out of the us is superior to similar things from foreign countries. (try a real argentine steak, and you'll see what i mean. it'll put you right off the tiny tough fatty crappy steaks you get around here.)

which brings me to my next (and probably biggest) pet peeve. the united states of america (not america, which is actually two continents, north and south, and is divided into several countries, some of which include: canada, el slavador, brazil, french guyana, and the aforementioned argentina) was a country founded on the principle of e pluribus unum. what does that mean? is it, "white guys only"? or maybe, "the ones with the biggest dicks"? or how about "speak english or die"? most assuredly, it must mean "christians only please"? right? right?

sod off, ya nonces. it is latin for "out of many, one". note that there is no kind of limitation on the "many" part. there is no kind of lingual or religious or sexual bias implied. meaning, we accept everybody in the us. even your worthless, lazy, good-for-nothing ancestors. so get down off your fucking high horse, you cocksucking conservative christian right-wing bastards, cause you wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for the generosity of some "savages" who fed your sorry ass when it arrived, instead of killing you and hanging you from the yardarm and sending your shitty-assed boat, in flames, back to england, or whatever other shithole it originated from. sometimes i think the native americans should've done just that. of course, it would mean that my ancestral line would've died out in a potato famine or most assuredly during one of the two world wars, but at least my fellow white folks wouldn't be able to stand around looking down their noses at others. if you have to pick a "way" that us americans "are", then you should look at those original americans, and how they treated the pale freaks who showed up, sick and half-dead, unable to speak a lick of choctaw or souix and believing in some "god" that resides in "heaven" instead of in the earth and who obviously hadn't taught his people how to take care of themselves.

they said, "welcome" and took us in and fed us, and showed us what native plants and animals we could eat without dying. we should use that as an example of how we should behave. but we don't.

we treat everyone who is different than us the way the white man treated those same native americans: we rape and pillage them, steal anything they have of worth, almost completely obliterate their way of life, and send them off to live on land that god himself can't grow grass on.

now, i'll be moving starting tomorrow, but once i write again, i plan on tackling the christian conservative right-wingers. so stay tuned for that, as it oughtta be fun.

darth sardonic


Blogger Mother Hoodlum said...

The thing I find so interesting is that when you study/live in other countries, you suddenly get a very harsh reality check on what a crappy pile of lies and fallacies this one is building its new foundation upon. Here's a fun one...look at family benefits in other countries compared to ours (maternity leave, afforable childcare and childcare subsidation, breast feeding advocacy, and the infamous healthcare issues). How do we rank as a nation? well, let's just say we're given a C-.
BUT...if you comment on these issues, those Bible-thumping, cousin fucking, "luv me dat Bush" asswipe "patriots" scream at you to "love it or leave it".

4:01 PM  

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