Saturday, September 25, 2004

close-minded christians...

wellp, we're sorta all moved in. that is to say, we have all the boxes and furniture in our new house on base. that is not to say, however, that everything is put away or even in some semblance of order, but we are getting there slowly but surely. emphasis on the "slowly".

today, as promised, i tackle those conservatives who mix politics with religion, and i should warn everybody ahead of time that i hate, hate, HATE moving, and on top of that, i'm tired, and the kids are ultra-pissy(cause that's what happens to toddlers when they get moved, or as they like to call it, "their world gets torn apart and superglued back together in a poor manner with parts from somebody else's game"), which means much unnecessary whining, and the wife is stressed out(cause that's just what she does), all of which means that i will probably be even more scathing and evil than i would normally. you have been warned.

i was raised in a conservative, christian household. i studied the bible, and believe in jesus christ, even to this day. but, you may have noticed, i'm more or less convinced that my god and allah and buddha and whoever-else are all the same person or persons, we just have different ways of worshipping/praising them. this makes me less-than-popular with my "christian" friends, who mostly believe that all muslims will burn in hell unless they convert, because they are wicked and warmongers. (i know, i know, the phone is ringing. it's the kettle calling to say, "hey, um, in case you haven't noticed...").

nowadays, i don't consider myself a "christian". and no, it's not because most people who go by that label are loud-mouthed, obnoxious bible-thumpers who cram religious shit down your throat. because for every one of them, i know five who quietly live their lives in a manner they feel is in keeping with the bible and jesus christ. i don't consider myself a "christian" because christians follow christ. he is their example, they attempt to live like he did. i don't. i drink alcohol whenever socially acceptable (and even some times when it's not), i smoke, i cuss up a blue streak (no, really, you're kidding, darth!), i lived with my wife for a year "in sin" (and boy, was it fun!), i flip off the people who cut me off on the freeway, while shouting unflattering things about them, their ancestry, and their progeny, and i basically live my life the way i want, not in a manner in keeping with the Son of Man.

but lately, i've noticed a huge upsurge in the amount of bible-toting "mouths-of-god" who not only tell everyone they brush up against that they are going to hell unless they repent and accept jesus into their heart, but begin to play on the political arena as well. we already know that bush, cheney, and that cumstain ashcroft all feel that they were put into the presidency by god (when, actually, i think if you do the research, you'll find it was jeb bush who put them into the presidency), and apparently there are alot of average joes who seem to agree. well, bullshit. and furthermore, there seem to be a large amount of people who let some pastor do their thinking for them that feel that the war in iraq is justified by god. okay, first; iraq didn't drop the twin towers, afghanistan did, and not the whole fucking country, but just a few radical jihad fucks who don't like us(gee, wonder why, see my last blog).

and as i recall (and here's where it gets real ugly, ladies and gents), christ was all about peace, love, brotherhood, and letting those who disagreed be. (reference the new testament scripture where christ says, "give to ceasar that which is ceasar's". i know i'm paraphrasing, but the idea was a seperation of church and state, and an ideal that not everyone believes the way we do, and that's okay.) why is it that the tie-wearing, fake-shiny-smile, shaking-my-hand-too-hard, being-my-buddy-too-quickly motherfuckers all seem to be studying the fuck out of the old testament, where god had the isrealites wipe out entire races so that the twelve tribes wouldn't be corrupted, where one of the laws was "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth", where the bastards sacrificed fucking pigeons to repent of their sins, and then calling themselves "christians"?!?! do you really think that christ would approve of the war in iraq?!? did christ lead anybody into battle? is armageddon going to be a war of tanks and bombs and guns, or a spiritual war? when one of the apostles cut the ear off of a roman soldier who came to arrest christ, christ healed it. He fucking healed it!! and he told his apostles to put away their weapons. he said "turn the other cheek"! he said, "as i have loved you, love one another"! now, i'm not saying that we necessarily should let our enemies mow over us, but i also started out by saying i don't consider myself "christian".

but people like george w. bush, who use religion as an excuse, are spitting on everything that christ stood for, and furthermore, they are no better than the jihad bastards that flew planes into new york, the pentagon, and what would've been washington, d.c., because jihad is just muslim for "fanatic". so, find the part of your bible where it says "new testament", read from there back, don't spend so much time reading "revelation", no one understands it anyways, and it will just lead you back to thinking that this war is armageddon, and everyone since christ was resurrected up to today has thought that they were seeing the end of times, and really focus on the words that christ was actually saying, and maybe, just maybe, you might actually start to get it.

but then, who the fuck am i to tell you how to live your life?

darth sardonic


Blogger Mother Hoodlum said...

ehy, posting a comment to respond to yours, you can feel free to email me at, I am familiar (much so, actually) with laparoscopies. In fact I think I have my own bed at Swedish now.
As for this entry...don't you find it interesting that Bush has said on record "God chose me to lead this nation, blah blah blah..." yet swap God for Allah and you have nearly every speech ever broadcast by (gasp) Sadam Hussein. Long lost twins? We must do more research...

3:53 PM  
Blogger nicoshellee said...

hiya. just wanted to say i am back. offline for more than 3 weeks thanx to at and fucking t. they suck. now with speakeasy and vonage. screw the normal internet providers and phone peoples. they all suck. so i am back. and glad. hope you get unpacked. i have been in this house for 1 1/2 years and am still not organized. argh.

8:21 PM  
Blogger SarahJane said...

What an ungodly heathanistic family we have. Not a "christian" amongst us but I would be hard pressed to find a more generous, loving group of people and I'm pleased to be a part of it.

12:40 PM  

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