Tuesday, September 21, 2004

the closer to election day, the angrier i get...

mother hoodlum recently posted and ranted about her political views, and i enjoyed it cause this is what i usually do as well. now i know lately i've mostly been talking about life in general, but you can't always be mad at the government (or you can actually, but i try not to).

i'm neither democrat or republican. i don't really count myself as a liberal, though most of my views probably fall into that "category" just like most of the newer music i listen to is considered "emo". basically, it's just a title that they give us that means jack shit. might as well call the two poles of the political arena "us" and "them".

my own political agenda is a hell of a lot more complicated than that. example: i personally don't believe in abortion with the exception of rape or incest. however, i don't believe it is my right to tell some lady i have never met what to do with her body. so i am pro-choice/pro-life. you can imagine how this makes having a political discussion with me a bit like a few minutes in hell.

but no issue is black and white, and politicians' tendencies to treat them as such makes choosing a candidate difficult for me.

well, not this time, kiddies. my view is that dubya's fucked the country up more in four years than most presidents do in eight. let's give someone else a chance.

and i have complained before (to friends, mostly) about some of the things that mother hoodlum addresses in her blog, i.e. why is it considered unpatriotic to not support bush, or the war in iraq? i can still support the troops, and not support the war, or the motherfucker who sent my friends to die over there on trumped-up charges. my wife is in the military for fuck's sake, so i doubt highly i'm gonna be unsupportive of the troops. i would go even further to say that most of the fucking americans have a piss-poor at best idea of what true patriotism is. you can't just slap a flag sticker on your car or hang a flag outside your door and call yourself a patriot.

my neighbor, who is married to an army guy, bought a flag so she could be "patriotic" and hung it outside her deck. (she also supports bush, go figure). now, i was a boy scout(actually, i'm an eagle scout) and was in the military for eight years, and i learned how to properly care for the flag, and leaving it hanging out all night and in the rain is disrespectful. you wanna be a patriot, fucking learn what the flag stands for, and how to treat it with respect, and follow those rules. yes, there are rules about how to fold it, how to hang it, when to hang it, when to take it down, etc. etc. etc.

furthermore, (and this is a big reason why i don't feel that bush is much of a patriot, and why i don't feel that wanting to bitchslap that smug little smirk off of his face is in any way unpatriotic) when i see the vfw in their little field caps, with their pins, i go up and thank them. bush has cut their benefits down to nothing. the phrase "freedom isn't free" doesn't just refer to our boys and girls in the military now, it refers to every poor sorry son-fo-a-bitch who heard the call, and answered it, and went and got their asses shot off and watched their friends get blown to bits, and came home and drank too much and chewed the barrel of a loaded gun before they decided that maybe this life was worth living despite all the shit they've been through. you wanna be a real patriot, you fucking sod? go up to the old balding guys with the hair in their ears and nose and the little black-and-yellow caps at parades or fairs, take their hand, look 'em in the eye, and say "thank you." and fucking feel it. shed a tear, maybe. and pick up one of those pow/mia stickers while you're there. think you can slap a flag sticker on your car and you're a patriot?! fuck you! fuck you and the horse you rode in on, you lazy, uncaring bastard! people have fought and died in wars that actually meant something, and it's gonna take more than a flag sticker bought after 9/11 to make that up to those people. young men and women are fighting and dying now, and a photographer who took pictures of the coffins lost her job. fuck bush. he's so full of himself that anything beyond his own wants and desires is unimportant. fuck him, and dick cheney and jon ashcroft (who is a real cunt!), because they aren't patriots, and don't give a fuck about my wife or any of the other military members throughout our great nation and the world.

and i'll end this like i ended all those email rants i sent to friends before i started this blog:

god bless all the nations of this world, that they can find peaceful solutions to their differences, and god bless the troops, not just ours, but everyone's, as they are only doing what they feel is right, and don't deserve to die. oh, and god bless bush with syphilis, cause he's a real twat, and he's doing it in god's holy name.

darth sardonic


Blogger Mother Hoodlum said...

Amen, hallelujah, brother, on HIGH! You rock, yer blog rocks, and your wife kicks ass to still be in the armed forces. Preach it! :)

2:38 PM  
Blogger Cheekysquirrel said...

I've always said don't vote it only encourages the politcians. However Bush really really does have to go. If only foreigners could vote.

2:49 PM  

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