Wednesday, February 23, 2005

opinions are like assholes...

...we all have one and they all stink.

well, my droogs and only, longsuffering friends, the time has come for another political rant from yours truly.

recently i was watching real time with bill maher on hbo. now, bill is maybe a smidge too liberal and leftist for my own personal tastes, but i love his show. i especially enjoy the "new rules" segment for its pure cheek, if for nothing else. in the latest one, bill talks about the fact that a large percentage of high school kids think that newspapers should not be allowed to publish without government approval, and 1 in 5 believe that it should be punishable to express an opinion that is contrary to the popular opinion.

follows is a list of people who agree with these sentiments: josef stalin, adolf hitler, kim jong il, mao ste tung, osama bin laden, lenin, big brother, lucifer (son of the morning, aka: satan).

now, a list of people who feel that these sentiments are complete and utter bullshit: george washington, patrick henry, thomas jefferson, abraham lincoln, benjamin franklin, martin luther king, jr., john f. kennedy, patton, ulysses s. grant, robert e. lee, stephen king, tom hanks, stephen spielberg, salvador dali, jay rogers (friend of mine currently serving with his unit in iraq), ice t, tim mcgraw, jello biafra, jim morrison, jesus christ (savior of the world).

the point that i am trying to make, beloved readers, is that every so often i sit down at my battered computer on my cluttered desk, and i rant and piss and moan and say whatever i fucking feel like!! if i want to cuss, i do, and as much as i like: fuck you you fucking motherfucker cocksucking sod son of a bitch piece of shit twat! and while that may display a horrible level of poor taste, it is not punishable by prison time or death. i can even direct it at our leaders: mr. president, aka: george w. bush, you are the dumbest fucking waste of sperm and egg i've ever seen, a poster-child for abortion, very similar in looks and mindset to adolf hitler, borderline moron with a god complex!! and even still, no secret police busting down my door, no four am arrest, no burning of my files and scribblings.

and the occasional stray who may cross this site, and think that that there darth sardonic character is completely full of shit, subversive, and should be locked away for the security of the nation, even they have the right to leave a posting on this, my very own site, (where you might say i am big brother), and all i may do is make fun of them in my subsequent blog.

and that, my droogs and only friends, is what makes this country beautiful. we can have differing opinions. we can voice them. we can argue, call each other names, promise to punch one another, or curse each other with herpes or stupid kids or whatever, and we are given that right by the very paper that founded this country.

and while in recent times it feels like this country has made a big shift towards the far right (vis-a-vis nazi germany), that right is still in play. and i think the greatest testament to the constitution of the united states of america is the fact that i can loudly vocalize my dissent and disgruntlement at the shift the country has taken. and my born-again friend can tell me to shut up, and that if i would just accept christ as my personal savior and clean my mouth up and quit drinking and for god's sake get rid of those horrible body piercings, there might be hope for me yet.

because that is what we're all about here, folks, we're founded on rocking the boat. so, unless you want to get your telescreen installed, and burn your comic book collection, then you should be grateful for the bastards whose opinions are not your own, because it means the system still works. it's not perfect, but it still works.

and thanks for sticking around, though i am sure my particular opinion has the most malodorous noxious emissions yet.

darth sardonic


Blogger Mme. A. said...

I'm not very good with politics. I think everything is wrong all the time, especially here, that's one of the reasons why I'm leaving. I really don't think there's much freedom here, not compared to the other places I've seen. I find it terribly sad that in a place where people can have access to many things that in other countries people can't, there's still so much hypocrisy and lack of personal opinion. In Brazil I never heard of evolution being banned in schools, neither people building a gigantic museum/whatever to explain how the world was created in seven days. And what makes me really sad is that with time, more and more people here are turning to that side of stupidity and accepting it.

But... I'm not going to go into that. I'm an anarchist and have too many soap box to stand on. Gah, I don't even know why I start this shit. Should keep quiet. Quiet, quiet, quiet...

And Lucifer is not such a bad guy once you've read the right things. Read Lucifer, the Vertigo Comic book. Aside from John Constantine and Sandman -- my favourites... ok, Death, too -- he's a very nice, cool, laid back guy.

8:01 AM  
Blogger darth sardonic said...

your opinions are more than welcome here, share share share. that's why this thing exists.

as for lucifer, i'm sure he's cool as hell, but was just trying to make a point for all the god-fearing right-wingers who think motherfuckers like myself should be shut up.

darth sardonic

8:29 AM  

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