Friday, February 18, 2005

i reenter the job market...

well, fair readers, i have reinstated myself into the world of the gainfully employed, so that i might knock out a few of our bills and we might find ourselves with more money to spend on our wants and frivolities. i'm still a stay-home dad, i'm just now burning the midnight oil as well.

to accomplish this, i am required to attend a food-handlers class and pass a test and get a card. so today i go to a less-than-savory part of tacoma (let's face it, oh gentle reader, most of tacoma is less-than-savory), to the public health building (which is, oddly enough, the same place i went to get all my nifty shots before going to argentina--i had a flash back of sitting in the waiting room while a not-very-nice nurse chewed out two guys and a girl who were apparently there to get large doses of antibiotics to combat something they had all shared with each other.)

then i get to sit in a room with approximately 100 other people (99% of whom appeared to be unable to legally by themselves alcohol), in a chair that barely accomodated my frame, with a fold-up desk slightly larger than the armrest itself, next to two women who had a deep and ingrained stink coming off them that was hard to bare, and muddle through one of the dullest lectures i've ever been through (and i was in the military for eight years).

it was fun!!

but i must leave you, dear readers, so till next time,

darth sardonic


Blogger Mme. A. said...

I didn't get your email!

As for your questions, feel free to ask them away. :-D

I am originally from Brazil, I have been living here in NJ for about two years and now it's time to go back.

Some of the things I write in my blog are not for the same person. Silence is all about the same person, then "things that deserve to be published" is about another person, then there is "part I, II, etc..." that is fictional and this thing that I wrote that is new. I wrote it because I miss my boyfriend, that is in Brazil already.


I'm really glad that you like what I write. It's good to get a compliment every now and then!

*hug* Thank you!

2:28 PM  

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