Thursday, May 19, 2005

a dream, and an idea for a story or a play...

i just woke up (due to the kids, who are waking up earlier and earlier due to the sun, good thing we're not in alaska anymore), and i was having this wonderful dream. one of those dreams that is like a movie that you are in. and i want to share it, cause i think it has literary potential, but let's face it, o beloved reader, i don't have the motivation or literary chops to do it justice. so i am laying it down here, and asking those of you who stumble across it to take it, make it your own, and let me see the end result.

in the dream, i go back to buenos aires, argentina. i am visiting with people that i guess i knew (though i didn't really--dreams are funny that way). if i am not mistaken, i was visiting a woman on whom i had a crush when i was there before. (again, this is dream stuff). she now has a serious boyfriend, who is a playwrite. in true argentine fashion, she invites me to their house for dinner, which is more like a lavish party full of jet-setters and trend makers. the funny thing about this is that i know that they were poor nobodies before.

but everyone is talking about the bf's first big play, which opens in a few days. even though there is some jealousy between me and the bf (this aspect of the dream is so phantom of the opera that it makes me wanna hurl, but isn't really there long), for the sake of his gf's and my friendship, he gives me some really good tickets to the opening night. (which is weird, since i alternate between being in the play, and sitting with the bf and talking bout the play).

while i am there at his house having dinner, argentina's equivalent of the fcc shows up (which is funny, cause argentines are just waaaayyy more laid back about swearing, nudity, and sex than we are--the slang word for a zit translates literally to "for not fucking" they think a good and regular bang session will clear up any bad acne), and tries to convince bf not to release the play--not because of the nudity and adult themes (apparently there are both in the play), but because the play will get people thinking, and looking stuff up on the internet, and doing their own research. i thought that was a weird request. but bf sends them on their way, and that's that.

the play itself is an elaborate fantasy with insanely realistic and difficult sets, and bizaare and convoluted costumes. but as the story unfolds (i can't really remember the actual story, though in daylight retrospect, it seems an awful lot like lord of the rings), it becomes clear to me that the underlying theme of the play is "question the answers. don't take everything you're told at face value. find out for yourself what really happened." and it's such an epiphany that i must tell him on the break between act I and act II. he gets really excited (up till then he had been thinking the play was bombing). i tell him that the play isn't for all these people in this expensive and large playhouse. i actually use the word "beourgousie" to describe them (hell, i can't even spell it, let alone properly use it in a sentence, but in my dream, i did.) i tell him it's for the lowly man who's sick of being held down. who's sick of being told everything's okay. who wants to find out what really happened in sudan, and rwanda, and in iraq, and bosnia, and anywhere else. who's sick of the media feeding them what they want them to hear. we are both crazy excited, and pacing around the lobby in our tuxes. i tell him this is why the fcc didn't want him to put out his play, cause it will cause people to think for themselves! we almost miss the opening of the second act, we're so jazzed.

then in the play, i play a sort of ape man whose entire race gets wiped out by a giant army because they think my people are sublevel and not worth taking time on. (the invading army looked a little like a cross between the romans and the crusaders.) i am left for dead, though only slightly wounded, and get up after they're gone, and follow in their path, healing the wounded who aren't dead of every race they try to wipe out. in doing this, i become quite the intelligent ape man. i think it's funny that rather than try to destroy their army, i try to bring back to life the races they try to wipe out.

now, here's the thing. i know it's not much to go on, and maybe it's not even worth the energy i have expended in jotting it down here, but when i woke up, everything in the dream seemed so pertinent to everything going on in the world right now, that i think someone, or lots of someones, should take these little nuggets and use them to write novels, or short stories, or plays, or movies. post me that you're going to "steal" my idea, then send me the end result, as well as tickets to the opening night, or a royalty check, or a signed copy of the hardcover, or whatever. there has got to be someone out there who can do this thing justice. i have had so many great ideas for books and movies that will never make it out of my head (cause i'm too lazy and unmotivated) and some of them shouldn't be wasted.

anyways, i guess that's it. in black and white, with the morning sun shining through the window, and the kids playing in the background, it has lost much of its lustre. but maybe one of you out there will catch the gleam, and take the time to polish it back up...

darth sardonic


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