Wednesday, May 25, 2005

out of pocket

okay, my droogs and only friends, my beloved nonexistant readers, brace yourselves: tomorrow evening my family leaves for new mexico for two weeks. i know, i know, i know, how will you guys survive?!? i suggest drinking lots of alcohol and smoking lots of cigarettes. or porn. or any good book by burroughs, kerouac, nin, or whoever really. or whatever. ultimately, i think this will not really affect your lives either way. i might try and post remotely every once in awhile (which is really bout how often i do it now, when i'm home, if you think about it), and i'm sure that i will have hilarious stories from the road when i get back, i always seem to after a road trip.

in the meantime, be good to one another, and i'll talk to you soon.

darth sardonic


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