Sunday, May 29, 2005

posting live from clovis, nm!

okay, let's break this vacation of mine down into three parts: 1) getting to new mexico, 2) visiting our pals, and 3) getting back home.

part one is done, and follows is some observations from the road.

eastern washington, southern idaho, utah, southern colorado, and new mexico all look the same: brown. hell, even the pavement on the freeways is brown for most of the drive.

idaho gets the award for best speed limit: 75 mph for most of the stretch we were on. (i drove 85).

a note to utah drivers: when passing semitrucks, it would behoove you to go at least a little faster than the truck you are passing. and nearly as fast as the car you cut off to pass said semi.

a portable dvd player is must-have equipment for a roadtrip with children. forget your toothbrush, your comb, hell, forget your underwear, but don't, do not forget the portable dvd player. and drammamine is a good thing to have around also. (i am changing no. 1's name to yakk the barfboy.)

we did a stint on what used to be highway 666. they have changed the name to 491. it's still hell.

then on 84 east (the last leg before we arrived here at our friends, k and w's house), we nearly got run over by a motherfucking sleepdriving semi (may you get syphilis and your cock drop off just before you get run over by your own semi, you fuck!!), passed by a guy who spent like a minute in the other lane before finally passing us, and then passed an imaginary car in front of us, and dive-bombed by two suicidal birds.

god, i'm glad to be here, and alive.

talk to you soon, as the crown and coke is calling my name.

darth sardonic


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