Thursday, June 02, 2005

of tornado watches and suntans...

our stay in clovis is drawing to a close. tomorrow we head down to alamagordo/tularosa.

a couple of days ago, clovis had a tornado watch. so we were running around the back yard in a mild hailstorm watching the giant tornado-cloud as it hovered over us menacingly. (actually, me and w ran around the back yard, my wife took some video of the cloud then reentered the relative safety of the house, and k was inside her bedroom glued to the weather channel or whatever, so she could let us know if we needed to dive into the tub with mattresses on our heads!) the dark, swirling, anvil-shaped cloud blew over us, then dissipated several miles downwind from us. we continued grilling like nothing had happened.

mostly, we've been having thunderstorms and cloudy days, but yesterday was gorgeous, so we laid out and played in the pool. and i went from winter white to rock-lobster red in about an hour. it'll fade to a tan by tomorrow.

so we've been eating like crazy, drinking, w and i watched mst3k last night and had gin and tonics (or gynnantonigz, or whatever spelling you choose), and laughed our damn, semi drunk asses off.

i expect the vacation will continue as such more or less. oh, but without the tornadoes.

live from the desert,

darth sardonic


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